harry potter and the deathly hallows 2
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How To Date A Harry Potter Fan (A Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Primer)

As much as I loved Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, I have to concede that it's only suitable as a date movie when both of you can appreciate the series. You don't have to like it, you just need to remember why the Golden Trio skipped their seventh year at Hogwarts to hunt down Horcruxes in the backwoods of Scotland. Confused? Read on for a little Potter Appreciation 101.

michael jackson
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Michael Jackson Saved My Marriage

Michael Jackson saved my marriage. It wasn't him exactly, but the Jackson mania I uncharacteristically developed following his death in June 2009. Not long before, in the heat of battle, I had nearly told my husband to beat it.


Mother's Day Gifts For Every Type Of Mom

She's cleaned up scraped knees, wiped away tears, soothed sick tummies, offered sage advice and a little bit of coddling. She teaches right from wrong, and put up with you when no one else would. She's a (constructive?) critic and your biggest fan. She's your mom—or your wife—and there's no way you can repay her for giving birth to you—or your kids. These gifts will at least show her how much you appreciate her, whatever type of lady she is.

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Oral Sex + Stabbing = Pregnancy?

Woman with no vagina gets pregnant? A story of dubious legitimacy about a teenager without a vagina who became pregnant after swallowing semen and then getting knifed in the gut is making the rounds on the internet, after being scrounged up in a decades-old British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Is the internet finding fact or spreading rumors?

pairs figure skating
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5 Things The Olympics Teach Us About Love

The torch has been passed, and the flame has been lit—the Olympic Games have officially begun. Beyond the usual feats of strength, speed and agility, the Olympics have a lot to teach us. For one thing, the games can show us what love is all about.

sawyer lost
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5 Love Lessons From "Lost"

Beyond smoke monsters and the Dharma Initiative, Lost is really about the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and the bonds between them (OK, and Sawyer's abs). Here are five love lessons we've learned from Lost; thankfully you don't have to be stranded on a tropical island to take advantage of these relationship tips.

Oral Sex Definition Gets Dictionary Banned
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Oral Sex Definition Gets Dictionary Banned

The parent of a fifth-grader was disturbed when his son looked up "oral sex" in Merriam Webster's 10th edition and found a definition with the word "genitals." "Oral stimulation of the genitals" in fact, was the exact definition. The nerve! Our question: why is this inappropriate? It is called "oral sex" afterall. Is the fact that gentials are involved supposed to be a shocker?

heartbreak-related depression

Heartbreak-Related Depression: Does It Exist?

In December 2009, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's 24-year-old daughter Alexa Ray Joel was rushed to the hospital after swallowing a handful of homeopathic pain pills. But just as curious as Joel's behavior was the explanation she gave for it: a bad case of "Heartbreak-Related Depression." "Heartbreak-Related Depression" does not currently exist as a clinically diagnosable form of depression. So what was Joel suffering from? Heartbreak, depression or a hybrid of the two?

matthew goode leap year

YourTango Talks With Matthew Goode

English actor Matthew Goode has skimmed the surface of that coveted Household Name status since he played Mandy Moore's strapping British love interest in 2004's "Chasing Liberty." He's since racked up some steady work—"Match Point," "Watchmen"—and most recently co-starred in Tom Ford's directorial debut, "A Single Man." Next up is the romantic comedy "Leap Year," which centers around an American woman, Anna (Amy Adams), set to propose to her boyfriend in Ireland. We chatted with Goode about how he prefers East Coast ladies and the one white lie he tells his wife.