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FINALLY, Thor Brings Down The Hammer On Sexism In Comics

Growing up, the only place I felt safe reading comic books was under my bed covers, reading Wonder Woman, The Huntress, etc. Still, these heroines of print weren't really satisfying to me as a little girl looking for heroes to emulate. So that's why I saw a glimmer of hope when Marvel Comics officially announced that Thor is now a woman.

Saved by the Bell
This May marks 21 years since 'Saved by the Bell' aired its final episode. Feeling old?
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21 Signs You're Obsessed With The '90s!

Despite what MASH predicted for your adult life, you do not own a mansion, drive a Lamborghini or are married to Jonathan Taylor Thomas. And you're pretty pissed off about it.

Is It "The End of Men" As We Know It?
Remember, say, a decade ago, when men were ruling the world? Us neither.
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'The End Of Men': Are Men SO Yesterday?

The End of Men. It's a catch-phrase we can't seem to retire, and the title of Hanna Rosin's new book about working women uprooting male power. But perhaps it's not the end of men at all—just the beginning of a newer, better version.

4 Reasons Why '50 Shades' Is Still So Popular [EXPERT]
Has '50 Shades' steamed up your sex life?
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4 Reasons Why '50 Shades' Is Still So Popular

The "Fifty Shades" books continue to generate buzz. As an expert in dominance and submission, as well as a general sexual enthusiast, I have a few ideas about how the "Fifty Shades" books became so popular and why they won't be losing their steam anytime soon.

Fifty Shades Of Grey
Everyone is trying to profit from the little bondage novel that could.
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9 Shameless 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Ripoffs

Profit-minded people are rushing to capitalize on the erotic trilogy's huge success. From allegedly real-life versions of Anastasia Steele to "Fifty Shades" vacations to a kind of "Fifty Shades" Kama Sutra, see nine attempts to rip off the global phenom.

50 shades darker
Love tips for Anastasia Steele in "50 Shades Darker."
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5 Love Tips For Anastasia Steele In '50 Shades Darker'

Dear Anastasia: Let me get this straight — after only FIVE days of being away from Christian, you've rekindled your romance already? Geez, that didn't take long! I'm thrilled you're back with your man, but it's obvious you're still tormented by your own issues with your sex life, his past and your future together. Let me let you in on some advice.

Fifty Shades Of Grey
'Fifty Shades Of Grey' by E. L. James.
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5 Love Tips For Anastasia Steele In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

Yes, it's true that your love for Christian Grey has made you feel happier than you've ever been in your life. But it has also caused you to cry uncontrollably, lose your appetite for weeks — or devour an entire jar of cookies, drink irresponsibly, send inappropriate text messages, lay in bed for hours on end, and question everything you have come to learn about life and who you are as a person.

Why Women Love '50 Shades Of Grey' [EXPERT]
Does being ravished by a man turn you on?
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Why Women Love '50 Shades Of Grey'

If you have not heard about the popularity of the novel series, Fifty Shades of Grey, by E. L. James, than you are likely living under a rock. This romance novel's overnight smash popularity is an indication of several things. Number one, women enjoy sex. Number two, women do like erotica. And, number three, women enjoy their erotic adventures wrapped in a handsome fantasy and safely packaged in a monogamous relationship.

girls hbo
He live-tweets mean things while watching "Girls" on HBO? Dating red flag.
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Love Bytes: 13 Dating Red Flags From Pop Culture

13 new dating red flags. Are men just stupid? Seven reasons men lie. Guess among what age group STDs are on the rise. A romance novel about Britney and K-Fed. Inside a Wiccan sex coven. And more...

E L James
E.L. James, author of "50 Shades Of Grey," is on the Time 100 list.
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Love Bytes: Guess Which Sex Writer Made The Time 100?

Should E.L. James have made the Time 100? Not everyone likes women kissing in the Urban Outfitters catalog. Why do bankers buy sex? Dudes, start talking about feelings. Face it, he's never going to propose. A new dating site hooks you up based on Twitter and Facebook usage. Men fake orgasms too. How to keep your guy friend from falling for you. How much masturbating is too much? Who is the funniest lady out there?

50 fifty shades of grey
The romance "Fifty Shades of Grey" has won legions of fans.
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Love Bytes: Is S&M Back In Style?

Is S&M cool again? You really, really don't want to date these men. Do not say this to a pregnant woman. Abortion law by the numbers in 2012. Twelve tips for dating in a Facebook world. Some men run away from too much sex. 10 things you really don't want to say or hear on a first date. What lies do women tell their husbands?

hunger games katniss everdeen
Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games."
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3 Love Lessons From 'The Hunger Games'

If any of you saw "The Hunger Games" recently, you were in for a bloodbath — a very entertaining, very well-produced bloodbath. I'm a huge fan of Suzanne Collins, and the movie was one of the best I've seen in a long time. But while I cheered for Katniss, cursed the gamekeeper, and threw popcorn at President Snow, I couldn't help but notice that some of the lessons of "Hunger Games" could also be applied to relationships.

love triangle
Sorry Gingerbread Dude, three's a crowd.
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10 Best Love Triangles Of All Time

Love triangles can be traced back to their ancient roots in Camelot, where Queen Guinevere was forced to choose between King Arthur and Sir Lancelot. From there, history, literature and movies have been rife with tales of one unfortunate (and usually stunningly beautiful) woman's choice between two ridiculously handsome men.