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Jackie O's Lovers: Brando, Bobby Kennedy?

That Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' story should evolve to include deeper, more sensual notes should come as no surprise. After all, she was the woman who introduced Chubby Checker's the twist to the White House. That said, recent revelations unearthed by author David Heymann do shock, at least a little bit. According to Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story, America's favorite First Lady had a passionate affair with her brother-in-law Bobby in the months after her husband's assassination. Romantic involvements of political figures, does it really matter? What's more, according to a review by the UK's The Telegraph:

Things She Can't Handle
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5 Things He Doesn't Think You Can Handle

Don't tell us your face is more complicated than the entire female body combined. If a woman can run a plastic razor up her leg while balancing on one foot, don't you think she can handle a battery operated Norelco? The female hair removal system revolves around a single blade and a smoldering pot of wax. Where's our flex and pivot technology?

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I "Dated" Barack Obama

Choosing can presidential candidate is just like dating for people who are passionate about politics. Padma Atluri has been dating presidents since she was 21. She writes, "I've never really dated Obama, or Clinton (although he is my "first"), or any politician, for that matter. But the intensity I've felt towards them rivals any other bond I've shared. Because, let's face it: political courtship, especially in an election year, parallels romantic courtship. I've found myself going through the same patterns with presidential candidates as I do with the boys I like. Below, the nine benchmarks of dating men and presidential candidates. "

They Overcame Their Political Differences
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They Overcame Their Political Differences

Can a conservative and a liberal move beyond their political views to find love? The answer is a resounding yes! Back in January, Caroline Tiger penned our piece "Can A Democrat Love A Republican," in which she wrote about dating someone of opposite political persuasion. Tiger, professional freelance writer, author of several books including "The Long Distance Relationship Guide: Advice for the Geographically Challenged" and the etiquette tome, "How To Behave: Dating & Sex," can now add newlywed to her resume, and we can finally put a face and name to the initial "J" in our political love story.