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Why Do Men Like Anthony Weiner Take Such Stupid Risks?

The other day news broke that NY Rep. Anthony Weiner was sending inappropriate pictures of his, uhm, weiner to a woman via Twitter. But is anyone really surprised? Haven’t we seen this movie before? Whether it’s Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger or John F. Kennedy. This kind of stuff has been going on for decades. So why are we so shocked?

Did Rielle Hunter Dump John Edwards?
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Did Rielle Hunter Dump John Edwards?

If you're like most of us, you're having a hard time making sense of the relationship between John Edwards and Rielle Hunter. And, more importantly, you're not sure if you want to understand it. If the latest buzz can be believed, Rielle has finally given up on her love...if there was even anything left to give up on.

In Dating, Are Politics More Important Than Looks?

In Dating, Are Politics More Important Than Looks?

"We love Arnold!" said Jenna and Barbara Bush at the 2008 Republican National Convention. "Thanks to him, if one of us ever decides to marry a Democrat, nobody can complain." Of course, since then, Jenna Bush has gotten a Republican. (And as you've probably heard, Arnold & Maria recently called it quits.) As much as the Bush twins may have wanted to rebel against their family, it's very rare for someone to date someone of opposing political beliefs.

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Links We Love: Newt Gingrich Talks Marriage

This week, in order to distract us from high gas prices and impending revolution in the Middle East and Wisconsin, we learned a lot about Facebook and your marriage from The Social Media Couple. Also, how does Newt Gingrich explain his marriage and infidelity. In fact, how does anyone explain infidelity? Good luck with that one, Newt. Finally, what do you think about pre-marital counseling? Let us know by taking our survey.

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George Clooney: Too Hot For Politics?

America's love affair with celebrities has been apparent in our presidential choices—exemplified by Ronald Reagan—but don't look for George Clooney to join that political marquee anytime soon. Despite his ramped-up activism efforts, the charismatic cutie denies any plans for ever hitting the campaign trail. Why? Well, for one, his colorful past. "I didn't live my life the right way for politics, you know," Clooney stated in a recent interview with Newsweek (via E!Online). "I f**ked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that's the truth."

Election Day Celebrity Style

Election Day Celebrity Style

By Kaitlyn Monteiro With this year’s 2010 midterm elections coming to a close today, we aren’t seeing the celebrity star power that we witnessed in 2008. Make no mistake; it’s not the Presedential election but it’s still an important time to vote. According to experts, Hollywood is staying home this election period. Why the lack of star power now? Where’s Brad and Angelina? Demi and Ashton?

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Do Politics Matter To Your Relationship?

I would and have dated someone of opposite politics and in fact, dear reader, I married him. (10 points to the person who names that literary reference.) I am not going to lie and say that we never talk about politics and things are hunky dory. Because, we literally cannot watch a political debate together without glaring at each other from opposite ends of the couch and then someone sneaking out to eat all the Cheetos, just to make the other person upset. Those were my Cheetos! While, politics are important to both of us, but even more important is the fact that we agree that Skittles are a superior candy and that the movie theater smells like a wet gym sock. These are the pillars of a relationship. Not all that values and morals crap.

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YourTango Takes To The Airwaves And Talks Politics

Recently, YourTango asked readers: Would you date across the political aisle? The results were astonishing, as 77 percent of respondents said that they'd be open to dating their political opposite. Curious to learn more, we decided to open up the discussion further, taking to the radio airwaves and starting a dialogue with various radio show listeners.

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5 Tips For Dating Your Political Opposite

He was gung-ho for Obama. You wrote in your vote for Kucinich. You roll your eyes every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth. He hangs onto her every word. When it comes to politics, the two of you are at each other's throats. Is your relationship doomed? Should you give up now? Or is it possible that you just might find some common ground despite your differences, and end up going the distance?

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Political Victories Put People In The Mood For Sex

Sex and politics: Google searches for pornography spike after political victories. A husband and wife psychologist team decided to get to the bottom of whether or not political victories cause an upswing in pornography usage. It turns out, YES, there is in fact more titillating viewing going on the night of an election, but only if you happened to vote for the winning party.