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Have you ever found yourself reevaluating a friendship?

Friendship Breakups: Exploring A Different Type Of Heartache

For all the advice we hear about breakups of the romantic variety, friendship usually gets the shaft. Rather than inspiring stories, words of wisdom, or stories of the nuanced phenomenon of breaking it off with a friend, we get all-out spectacle. Should women be exploited as drama queens and catfight instigators just because our friendships are a bit more dynamic? I decided to reach out to other women and ask if they'd ever had a friend breakup and what it really felt like.

Why Won't She Talk About Sex With Me?
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Why Won't She Talk About Sex With Me?

I was recently asked by a heterosexual male why his female friends does not talk about sex with him.  I recall why I did not talk about sex with my male friends in the past. Because they didn't ask! Because they were always crude about sex, and I didn't want to hear what they had to say. Because I was too embarrassed. I began to rattle off what seemed to be obvious answers in my head.

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Can Men And Women Be Friends?

Can men and women be "just friends?" YourTango Experts clinical psychologist Dr. Adam Sheck and dating expert Marni Battista discuss the plausibility of purely platonic friendships. Does it make a difference if everyone is good-looking? Do men and women feel different? What about emotional affairs? Find out!