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3 Actions That Won't Save Your Marriage

I see many couples who are struggling with their marriage. When I ask them how long the struggle has been going on the answer is usually several years. When I continue and ask them how they have tried to fix it on their own, 80 percent of the time having a baby, building or buying a new house, and/or having plastic surgery are typical answers. Just looking at these possible fixes they have used makes me stressed out.

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Love & Beauty: What Is "Fat Sex?"

Top 50 beauty products for moms. 6 botched plastic surgeries. Would you let a few extra pounds keep you from having healthy sex? Kirstie Alley sure doesn't. Holly Madison's boobs are insured for $1 million. 7 very logical beauty fixed to very common problems.

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7 Beauty Myths That Are Damaging Your Love Life

Very few things are as confusing as the link between what we think is beautiful, our self-image and our sexuality. What each of us perceives as beautiful or sexy is as varied as what you might eat for dinner. The biggest myth about finding love is that there is some perfect set of rules that leads to success. And this is just not true. No one is perfect. Pretty people and plain people alike struggle to find love and no one is immune to fears about ending up alone.

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New iPhone App Shows How Your Boobs Would Look After Surgery

iAugment is a Photoshop-style iPhone app that uses a 3D pic of your chest to show you how you'd look with bigger jigglies. iAugment allows you to view 17 different breast implant sizes—from "Blake Lively goes softcore" to "Sheyla Hershey circus boobs." (Just kidding, they're not really called that.) Created by plastic surgeon Elizabeth Kinsley from New Orleans, the iAugment app claims to help women decide if they really want a boob job.

Is Your Butt Too Small To Win Your Man?
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Is Your Butt Too Small To Win Your Man?

$848,000,000 was spent on Shapewear by American women last year. $848 MILLION. What if that very fashion accessory is KEEPING YOU SINGLE? On a recent CBS Morning Show there was a feature on a segment of that market, the Booty Boosters.  Apparently, the Butt is the '"It" factor in sex appeal this kidding!

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The New In Thing: Plastic Surgery For Brides

E! has a new show coming out called Bridalplasty about extreme makeovers for betrothed women. A dozen fiancées live in a house, compete for rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, breast implants and the like, and are voted off on a weekly basis with the last broad standing getting her dream wedding. But the winner's husband doesn't get to see her actual face until the moment he lifts her veil at the wedding ceremony. Delightful, right?

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Venezuelan Politician Raffles Off Breast Implants

A politician in Venezuela had a brilliant plan to get out the vote: breasts. Naturally, sex sells and when you're talking about gorgeous Venezuelans (like famous Andres Galarraga, he's the Big Cat, ya'll!) make it a double. Gustavo Rojas is raffling a new “front porch” to raise funds for his campaign for parliament.

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Spencer Pratt Brags About Controlling Heidi Montag

This week's issue of Us Weekly chronicles the increasingly paranoid and crazy life led by Spencer and Heidi Pratt, as revealed on The Hills and in Spencer's would-be-funny-if-they-weren't-so-insane rants. "I don't let [Heidi] go on TV, no computers," Spencer told Kristen Cavallari on The Hills. ." This comes on the heels of Heidi getting a restraining order against her own mother.

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Kim Kardashian's Ex Says She Loves Fame. Duh.

Kim Kardashian's ex-husband, Damon Thomas, blabbed his face off to In Touch this week, telling the magazine that his former wife is jealous of sisters Kourtney and Khloe and obsessed with plastic surgery. Next week we expect Damon to tell all about such hot topics as the pope's religion, where bears do their business, and what color the sky is.