Preakness kiss
A couple makes out near the port-a-johns in the infield at Preakness 2006.
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Get Your Preakness On! 3 Tips For Hooking Up At The Horse Races

"Growing up in Baltimore, I've attended many infield parties at the second leg of the Triple Crown, the Preakness. Something about that infield makes us all behave like heathens. Don't get me wrong — it's a good time (even though it feels a bit like a war zone). Hook-ups abound, and there are plenty of opportunities to merge with the opposite sex."

hunger games katniss Everdeen
"Hunger Games" mania officially started at midnight.
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Our 5 Favorite "Hunger Games" Pickup Lines

"Hunger Games" mania officially started at midnight. Are you into it? Or could you care less? Either way, dating site HowAboutWe has some awesome "Hunger Games" pickup lines. Here are some of our faves.

10 Reasons We're Loving The Viral Video Series, "The Flip Side"
Just a couple ladies hittin' on dudes...
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10 Reasons We're Loving "The Flip Side" Videos

What would happen if men and women switched gender roles, so that men were the ones getting hit on in the bar and spending their Saturdays obsessively shopping, and women were the ones who had to pay cover, use cheesy pickup lines and leave the toilet seat up?

7 Ways To Meet The Woman Of Your Dreams [EXPERT]
It's never too late to find true love!
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7 Ways To Meet The Woman Of Your Dreams

Sometimes guys get a reputation for always wanting to play the field—even when we're in good company--and who are we to fight biology? That said, the truth is the vast majority of men really do want to find the woman of their dreams, the love of their lives, "the one." It's just that, for some guys, the process of finding her, approaching her and talking with her seems unthinkable. To ease their quest and help guys everywhere get what they want, I've come up with seven sure-fire ways to find her, meet her and talk to her!

Men Think Blondes Are 'Needier' Than Brunettes
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Men Think Blondes Are 'Needier' Than Brunettes

There are some truths to the age-old adage, "blondes have more fun." Studies have shown that the lighter-haired women of the world are often rated as more attracted, younger and healthier looking than brunettes. Blondes also tend to earn more money and marry richer.