Taylor Swift, 1989, Welcome to New York
How do we become besties with T Swift?

19 Reasons We Want To Be Taylor Swift's Best Friend

Our perfect day would be hanging out with our BFF Taylor Swift, in the fall (obviously), while drinking pumpkin spice lattes in our maroon and mustard cardigans. All so basic and yet so perfect, which is why Taylor Swift would make the best friend ever. T-Swizzle's new album 1989 came out on Monday and the entire world is listening to it. There are a few haters, but the CD, which documents her big move to New York, has become an instant favorite.

Rugrats, 90s Cartoons, Life Lessons
Growing up in the '90s had its major perks.

20 Important Life Lessons We Learned From '90s Cartoons

People who grew up in the '90s really lucked out in life because it's the sweet spot in time when we grew up as the Internet came into the world. We aren't completely emerged in the technology culture, but we also aren't confused by it like our parents. We grew up with the best toys and most of all, the best cartoons.

erotic stories

10 Sexy Books That'll Make You Forget '50 Shades Of Grey'

You recognize them when you see 'em. The ripped bodices, Fabio's long flowing locks. Everyone has seen the books. You know what's in them: porn, usually cheesy and not well-written, but they're erotic stories nonetheless. And until recently, they weren't talked about. You did not read these books in public and you certainly did not talk about them in public. But a certain book about monochromatic grey changed all that. And, as far as this reader is concerned, that's the only good it did. 50 Shades Of Grey is poorly written and poorly researched.


10 Messages From Dating Sites We Can't Even Deal With Right Now

Kids, be forewarned: the mother of all facepalms is coming your way. No, make that 10 of them. We polled the editors in the YourTango office, and came up with 10 messages from dating sites that are too ridiculous to believe. From propositions for sex to sketchy proposals to one that reeks of xenophobia, we can't quite make heads or tails of these messages.

heart handcuffs

12 Strange Love Laws You Won't Believe Are Real

In the land of the free there are actually a lot of strange laws that don't make sense. Of course, some of these laws are outdated and not exactly still reinforced, but some of them, sadly, are still the ways of the land—and impacting your love life. One recent case brought up a weird law made news headlines back in May when a 44-year-old Georgia resident named Melissa Davenport

laverne and shirley

20 Halloween Costumes Millennials Just Won't Understand

Halloween is fast approaching and many people are quickly trying to put together the perfect costume. As time goes by, there are tons of costumes that mostly millennials will understand, like the water bucket challenge or a Miley Cyrus costume. But if your party is going to include an older crowd, or if you just want to find a more unique costume, then take a look at these Halloween costumes that millennials won't get.

sad girl

On The Bright Side: 7 Surprising Benefits Of Sadness

We've all experienced a bought of the blues before. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to snap out of, and it can even become overwhelming at times. Whether it's due to the season changing, a breakup, a loss of a loved one or a even a buildup of events—it happens. And although it may not seem like it, sadness actually has some perks. There's research proving it to be true—as long as your minor funk isn't on the border of depression.


Three's A Crowd: 10 Eye-Opening Facts About Threesomes

So many women are put off when they hear their guy bring up a threesome—including myself—but not for the reasons you may think. It's not because I find it to be an oversexualized, perverted fantasy that only distasteful men have (which may be the reason for other women), but mostly because I begin to overthink the act. Who should it be with? Will he enjoy sex with her more than me? But truth be told, it's actually a major fantasy of mine, as a naturally curious woman. The mere thought of it gives me the VT's i.e.

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston from The Break Up

10 Better Ways To Recover From A Breakup Than KFC

Recently, a story spread around the internet about some lady who, after what was probably a rough breakup, spent an entire week in a KFC. (It was a 24 hour KFC, so it's not like she barricaded herself in or anything.) She just sat down in a booth and occasionally kept getting more chicken. I'm sure the guy that dumped her is regretting his decision now.


The Awkward Girl's Guide To Kinky Pick Up Lines

Let's get something out of the way right now: awkward girls rock. I say that as a proud, card-carrying awkward girl myself. I can't flirt for my life (unless I'm not interested in a person, which has led to some problems), and I have less game than a toddler. And I'm not the only one.

Scary Things in Your Candy
Gross stuff is lurking in processed candy. For real. Here's the DL.

Yikes! 7 Scary Things Lurking In Your Halloween Candy

Halloween is the one-day out of the year to get your creep on, and while your costume and decor may be utterly spooky, the ingredients in your Halloween candy shouldn't be. You can probably imagine a cauldron filled to the brim with beaver urine and beetle secretions, but in your candy? Not so much.