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Love is love, no matter what way you put it.

11 Animals That Support Gay Marriage

Sometimes, you can't help who you fall in love with. Even though we've come a long way, it's so sad to think that gay marriage STILL isn't supported in this day and age. You shouldn't have to worry about what other people think about your relationship. What people don't realize is that this unbreakable bond that they find so "strange" isn't just limited to humans.

halloween cocktails for grown ups

BOO-Cardi Punch And 12 More Scary-Good Halloween Cocktails

Throwing a Halloween bash? Make it spectacular with drinks that ooze, fizz, and give your party a spooky vibe. It doesn't take much to transform an ordinary cocktail into a creepy one. So if you're itching for some All Hallow's Eve action, we've got 13 thrilling Halloween cocktails that are a must-drink for your party. We promise you'll love them! Happy haunting... Photo: Sam Henderson

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It's a fact.

Listen Up, Introverts! 10 Teas That Are WAY Better Than Coffee

For as long as I can remember, I've pretty much been a tea aficionado. There's something about waking up to a nice, warm and light cup of herbal bliss that trumps drinking coffee everytime; in fact, as an introvert, curling up with a good book while sipping delicious blends should be the only way to spend the day.

pumpkin spice

21 Signs The Pumpkin Spice Addiction Has Gone Too Far

Whether you're for, against or still trying to figure out where you stand (hey, some people need all the facts first), there's no denying that the pumpkin spicification of pretty much everything is an issue that affects you a living and breathing human in fall 2014. Last year during a kids-these-days rant, SNL's Drunk Uncle Bobby Moynihan asked (slurred) "Is that Amazon Prime Pumpkin Spiced?" as he made fun of trendy obsessions.

STOP drinking soda!

Soda Is Destroying Your Waistline AND Your DNA (Says Science)

Think that daily cup o' soda is something you're sneaking into your diet? Wrongo, chica. Your mouth knows what's it drinking. And even though your body craves it, your insides are screaming like a Iggy Azaela ballad.  Of course, it's hard to actually hear your gut begging for mercy, especially when your brain full of cravings and tastebuds full of desire are the entire trumpet section. It's easy to ignore the signs. It's easy to chalk your Return of Monster Teen Acne up to hormones.

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10 Friendship Quotes From 'Sex And The City'

Sex and the City will forever be iconic not just because of the fashion that was featured, not just because of the roller coaster love stories it, but also due to loving friendship between four women. Let's face it, in the real world female friendships can be tricky. Like romantic relationships, they often break up due to things like growing apart, having a major blowout, and jealousy. Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte, and Carrie are an example that a group of female friends can support each other with little drama.

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11 Extreme Things We've Done In The Name Of Beauty

Most of us women are familiar with the old saying "pain is beauty", but that doesn't even account for the time, money and (typically as a result of trying — and not succeeding at various products and procedures) frustration that are typically par for the cosmetic enhancement course. As lovely as it is being a woman, let's face it, we really did not wake up like this … we just didn't! (But thank you dearly Beyonce for the ego boost. Love you).


We Love These 10 Adorable Halloween Costumes For Kids & Dogs

Pumpkins, colorful leaves, sweet apple cider, and crisp air. Fall is here, and with the season comes a spook-tacular day enjoyed by many: Halloween. It's one of the most fun holidays of the year. We get to dress up and impress those around us with our creativity and hard work in coming up with our costumes. And for some of us, this means we run out of time and get to showcase our acute laziness: "What? This cat-ear headband I'm wearing clearly makes me a cat. Meow. Purr."

ice cream

10 Things We Tell Ourselves About Why We're Not Skinny

What tastes as good as skinny feels? The answer is not nothing, no matter what Kate Moss wants you to think. The answer is anything and everything from cupcakes to pizza. We've all pretty much heard — and given — every excuse under the sun to explain why we're not skinny. This week it was because our boss just would not stop with the late-night meetings and next week, our best friend's recent breakup will definitely be to blame (sympathy eating with your bestie is a thing, guys; I don't care what you say).

If only mommy knew...

14 Things Your Hubby & Baby Are Doing When You're Not There

Do you ever wonder what your husband and little one are really doing when you're not around? Are they burning the house down? Is your daughter up three hours past her bed time again? Did he forget to give your son a bath? Did either of them eat? How bad is the mess in the living room?

cat costumes
The cat costume will give you an excuse to be rude to people!

12 Halloween Costume Ideas For Really Lazy People

I'm the type of person who loves Halloween, but from a distance. While I absolutely adore babies in cute pumpkin costumes, and adults in creative non-slutty costumes, I'm not the type who will spend countless hours thinking about my costume and then another set of countless hours putting it together. Call me uninspired. Call me boring. Call me whatever you want but the truth is that I'm just lazy.

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10 Most WTF Halloween Fails Of All Time

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. Even when I don't have any big plans or some ridiculous, extravagant, over-the-top costume party to go to, I still get dressed up and take to the bars for a crawl with my friends. Halloween is definitely the best, and no one does it as well as New Yorkers.