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Get your kids reading this holiday season!

The #1 Way To Bond With Your Kids Over The Holidays

What books did you love as a kid? The ones that you read over and over, or wanted to have read to you, until their spines were falling apart and the covers looked about ready to collapse from exhaustion. As a parent, it can be easy to inspire the same love in your child by getting more in-tune with the kind of books they like and either reading to them or reading along with them. What's really special about it is seeing how excited your kids get when they see how interested you are in the book they're really into at the moment.

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12 Pawesome Holiday Gifts For Pets

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Not because it's the holidays, per se, but because it's time to shop and shop and shop! And, do some of that shopping for the ones you love. Who doesn't love to spend money left and right on the ones closest to their heart? My greatest love is my 9-year-old Jack Russell, Hubbell. To me, he is the most magnificent creature to have ever lived and my love for him trumps my love for every other living and breathing thing in my life.

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Need A Little TLC? 7 Healthy Reasons To Get A Massage ASAP

After this holiday weekend, you're probably feeling a little off. Whether you ate too much and feel bloated, or you got a little too comfortable on the couch and now have a huge kink in your neck, your body is most likely craving a little TLC right now. Before you get stressed about the December holidays and sink back into your daily routine, why not make an appointment with your masseuse?

When Harry Met Sally

10 All-Time Best 'I Love You' Speeches From Movies

There are many things that make romantic movies memorable. One is a cast with chemistry. There's a reason why Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks have repeatedly played romantic partners—their chemistry is electric. Secondly, the couple has to go through some type of conflict. Sometimes the purpose of this is to build up to a pay off where the couple reunites. Sometimes it leads to their demise. Lastly, the audience will only swoon in their seats if the writing in the rom-com is impeccable, which brings us to those amazing "I love you" movie speeches.

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The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Bra For You

Whether reserved for that someone special or peeking through (or around) your sheer/cutout/off-the-shoulder tee, many of today's bras were made to be seen. Factor in the accessibility, variety and convenience that comes with online shopping and it's never been easier to find your match made in bra heaven.

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12 Awesome Cyber Monday Beauty Deals You Must Know About

Because saving is beautiful, and nothing can fast-track frown lines like some serious holiday stress, we've rounded up some of the biggest health and beauty deals to hit this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most of which you can cash in on from the comfort of your couch. It's true—you can save without having to wake up at 5, fist fight for your purchase and wait on a 3-hour line. 

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7 Easy Ways To De-Stress During The Holidays

Even though the holiday season is known for being a joyous time of year, there is no question that it can also be incredibly stressful. Between the nagging sense that there's always one more thing to do, dealing with exams, tense family moments, last minute shopping trips and budget constraints, I have no qualms admitting that the anxiety that comes with the holidays can be downright painful. The question I'm left with is that with all this stress, how can someone just take a second to calm down and enjoy the moment?


Cougars And Cradle Robbers: 10 Huge Age Gaps In Hollywood Couples

Why is it that we only discuss celebrity relationships that fail? The NY Post's article The Bigger the Age Gap, the Shorter the Marriage highlights marriages that had a few bigger problems than a simple age difference. This hump day we've decided to be a little less cynical and celebrate a few celebrity couples that have managed to beat the odds and stay together. Given these couples' age gaps, we honestly weren't expecting much. But, they've proven us wrong and we're willing to admit it.

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Beauty Queen Tricks: 7 Ways To 'Fake' Being Smokin' Hot

Ever wonder how models and beauty queens get that seemingly perfect look without Photoshop or Instagram filters? (You know, the kind of flawless where you don't have to take 100 selfies just to get one that's worth of your next Facebook profile pic?) While there's nothing new or cutting-edge about the tired old beauty tips that have been written for ages like putting vaseline on your teeth, I'm here to share a few untapped beauty tips from my former beauty pageant days that will guarantee that you look a cut above the rest.

Friends turkey

7 Tips For Hosting The Best Friendsgiving Ever

When people talk about Thanksgiving they usually imagine a big dinner with family. It involves fielding uncomfortable questions from relatives you only see once a year. There are arguments, laughs and many bellies full from indulging in those family recipes. It's a good time, but it's definitely not the only way to celebrate the fall holiday! You don't have to only spend Thanksgiving with people related to you. It's also the perfect time to get together with friends! Friendsgiving is a great alternative and requires less traveling if you live far from home.


12 Thanksgiving Recipes Guaranteed To Impress Your In-Laws

Kids, it's time to light up your kitchen. Thanksgiving is almost upon us, which means it's time to up your cooking game, boys and girls. You've got the siblings, cousins and parents set to show up at your door any moment. But most importantly, the in-laws are coming. And as much as you love them, it's still a nightmare, because your culinary skills are about to go under the microscope. But never fear! Your devoted author scoured the internet and found 12 recipes that are guaranteed to put an impressed smile on your mother in-law's face.


Inspirational Quotes From 11 Women You Want To Be (Or Be With)

Last night, Glamour Magazine honored the 2014 Women of the Year: Lupita Nyong'o, Sarah Burton, Chelsea Clinton, Laverne Cox, Mindy Kaling, Samantha Power, Robin Roberts, Natalia Vodianova, Sylvia Earle, and The Bravest Girls in the World. The gala took place at Carnegie Hall in New York City and included a performance by Haim as well as words from each honoree and celebrity presenters. The inspiring event left us with many words of wisdom, so we've rounded up some of the best quotes from the evening. Click through our slideshow and try not to cry.

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50 Easy Holiday Recipes Your Family Will Love

The holiday season is fast approaching and that means it's time to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically. Big family get togethers can be so stressful thanks to family drama, the traveling, the decorating, the hectic shopping, and all the cooking that needs to be done. Well, we can't offer your family therapy sessions, help you book your plane ticket, pick out your tabel setting, or do any of your personal shopping for you (although personal shopper sounds like a really cool job), but we are able to help you out in the kitchen!