All Natural Rainbow Pancake Cake
All-Natural Rainbow Pancake Cake, Just 2 Bowls Needed!

The BEST Rainbow Pancake Cake, No Nasty Dye!

I'm a recipe developer. So I've seen cookies cooked in cookies. I've seen pie-flavored jelly shots. I've seen homemade pop-tarts stuffed with candy bars and And mason jars of cake, packed to the gills with a ribbony swirl of rainbow colors. So, we decided to simplify. Why not create a recipe, a really simple, beautiful recipe, that offers up the same amount of eye-catching glory, without all the unnecessary...crap? And thus, this pretty-and-perfect, all-natural gluten-free Rainbow Pancake Cake was born.

the cast of friends

11 Quotes That Will Make You Want To Hug Your BFF

Friendships make up some of the most treasured relationships in our lives. We share a lot with our closest friends, whether it's in the form of secrets, mutual interests, laughs or lifelong memories. There's no greater feeling than having a unique and unbreakable bond with the person you trust the most where you feel free to be yourself and can speak openly about anything.

How To Be Happy: Learn How To Feel Better Today
Want to be happier? Try improving your body and mind.

The 35 Small Things You Can Do Right Now To Feel Awesome

Everyone wants to feel better. Most days it doesn't seem like an easy task. But did you know there are so many simple things that you can easily do everyday in order to elevate your mood. A lot of your mood revolves around your surroundings and your body. If you are in a stressful situation, you are not going to be happy. If your body is not getting what it needs, you are not going to be happy. Sound familiar?

Celebrity Selfies

15 Types Of Selfies You're Posting — And What They Really Mean

The word ‘selfie’ was coined in Australia in the olden days (2002). A drunk guy posted a blurry image of himself and posted it on social media for all to see. I’m sure there were many selfies before then, but they weren’t documented on the internet, and as we now know, that means they don’t count. Social media brings many pros and cons to this world we live in and we’re not quite sure what merit the selfe brings, but we’re thankful it made its mark!

healthy avocado recipes
You + Avocado = Love.

10 Sexy Ways To Eat An Avocado In 60 Seconds Or Less

Avocados are one of the best foods ever for keeping you satiated (all that natural fat so you won't snack as much), adding healthy natural fats to your diet (fat-free is a little 1980s), and power-punching your diet with antioxidants (cancer-fighting food ninjas) And the best part? You can make a ton of different variations in 60 seconds or less. We've gone and made this easy for you. Here's 10 of the fastest super-healthy, crazy-sexy avocado recipes.

dog tongue out

17 Dogs Who Are Having The Most YOLO Summer Ever

Pools, beaches, BBQs, boats, floats, sun, sand, ice cream. I mean, is summer absolutely awesome or what? And now that it's sadly coming to a close, we can't help but wonder if we took advantage of the season to its fullest. Did we spend enough time in the sun? Did we eat all the burgers we could? Did we drink enough lemonade? Should we have stayed on that boat for another hour or three? Did we travel enough? And most importantly: Did we do summer right?!

bad food for breakouts

Put Down The Donuts! And 5 Other Foods That Are Ruining Your Skin

Look in the mirror. Go ahead, we'll wait. Is your skin dull, full of acne, or lined with wrinkles? The culprit could be lurking in your pantry. Getting beautiful, healthy skin is as easy as cutting back on these five big food offenders. Surprised? We get it. Connecting the food you eat to the skin you have can be tricky because there's usually a delay between nibble and pimple. So you keep eating what you're eating, then spend the next five weeks hiding your cheekbones under a hat, wondering why you can't get the zitfest to quitfest. (Corny, but we had to.)

Cool Off! 5 Flirty Hairstyles For When It's A Million Degrees Out

Cool Off! 5 Flirty Hairstyles For When It's A Million Degrees Out

Summer dress? Check. Wedges? Definitely. Cute purse? Oh, yes. Hair? Uh-oh. While dressing for summer dates is fun and easy (hello, rompers and sundresses!), what you do with your hair is a whole other story ... a difficult one to get through sometimes. Blow dryers. Curling irons. Straightening tools. Ugh. Somewhere down the line, we were wired to think we need to turn up serious heat if we want to look hot on date night. But with the summer in full-force and the humidity at it's worst, the thought of heat styling (and how gross your will room get) is downright dreadful.

You'll Stop Drinking Soda After Reading This Post
11 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda

This Post Will Make You Stop Drinking Soda. Like, Instantly.

Think that daily cup o' soda is something you're sneaking into your diet? Wrongo, chica. Your mouth knows what's it drinking. And even though your body craves it, your insides are screaming like a Iggy Azaela ballad.  Of course, it's hard to actually hear your gut begging for mercy, especially when your brain full of cravings and tastebuds full of desire are the entire trumpet section. It's easy to ignore the signs. It's easy to chalk your Return of Monster Teen Acne up to hormones.

shocked woman
My word!

20 Of The Most Inappropriate Books For Kids Ever

There are libraries full of classic books we've loved since we were kids:  The Giving Tree , Where The Wild Things Are, Shel Silverstein's anthology of poetry Where The Sidewalk Ends.  They inspired us, excited us, and taught us little, simple lessons about life. … And then there are these 20 books that proooooobably never should have made it to shelves.

Asics shoe

How To Rock A Stylish Mommy Uniform

When we enter parenthood, sleep definitely goes out the window, and sometimes (unfortunately) so does our focus on fashion. Sleep deprivation makes you care a heck of a lot less about what you’re wearing, and how you’re wearing it. A successful day in the life of a new mommy rests upon whether or not teeth have been brushed and enough water has been guzzled. Pajamas usually become a staple in the new wardrobe and a scrunchy becomes a necessity instead of the enemy. To help other new moms combat lackluster style habits, we’ve come up with some easy fashion fixes.

10 Quirky Cool Ways to Decorate Your Home With Cats (Seriously)
You don't have to be a crazy cat lady to love these feline finds!

10 Quirky Cool Ways to Decorate Your Home With Cats (Seriously)

When you're a cat person, sometimes having an actual cat in your home just isn't enough. Sometimes you want to make sure that you and any guests you may have (feline or otherwise) know FOR SURE that you have an affinity for kitties. So, if you do love cats, and you want to add some feline flavor to your lair, then this shopping list is for you! In this gallery you'll find 10 excellent items to fill your home with cat power.

Baby and dog as best friends
You will never see a sweeter love.

Daily Dose Of Cute: Adorable Babies And Their Animals BFFs

There is no more perfect, pure love than that between a child and an animal. The children are still innocent, and animals are capable of incredible unconditional love. There is no better combination of buddies. For years we have been blown away with their ability to love each other without the basic forms of communication. They simply understand each other. We might be able to get some tips from these adorable animals and their baby comrades. They stick together through spilled milk, runaway squirrels and their innate differences.

kissy face

Oh, Honey: 6 Seriously-Sweet Beauty Picks To Try This Summer

You know the old saying: "You get more boys (er, bees) with honey." And, with major beauty benefits (moisturizing and anti-aging to name a few), it's not hard to see there's a lot more to the gooey golden staple than meets the eye — or tastebud. Read on for our menu of tried-and-true treats to try today.