Angelina Jolie Black Dress
There are so many reasons to love Angie. We narrowed it down to 13.

13 Reasons We Absolutely Adore Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, who was a wild child that seemed to relish the spotlight and who did weird or unusual things (blood vial necklaces, a Billy Bob tattoo, lesbian affairs, making out with her brother — to name a few) to capture attention, has seemingly confirmed that she will retire from acting in favor of her directing career.

Clueless, Cher Horowitz, Alicia Silverstone
"You're a virgin who can't drive."

15 'As If' Things You Didn't Know About 'Clueless'

Clueless is one of the best (and most classic) movies of all time, and if you disagree with that sentence you can stop reading this article now. Clueless is one of those movies that you own on DVD, you have on your Netflix watch list at all times and still, any time it's on TV, you can't resist sitting down and re-watching all the amazing Cher and Dionne moments. The 1995 movie is almost 20 years old ,and we enjoy any chance we get to talk about Cher, Dionne, Ty and of course, our love for Paul Rudd in the 90s.

Freaks and Geeks, Netflix, James Franco
Tis' the season for cuddling.

20 Shows Perfect For A Netflix Binge With Someone You Love

It's going to be a long winter for those of us who aren't in Los Angeles (LA, I get it, it's warm and perfect all year, stop bragging about it). However, we get to bundle up in front of fires with our boyfriends and girlfriends and cuddle while binge-watching marathon after marathon on Netflix, and that is the perfect scenario. For those of us who are still single and haven't found love yet, maybe we can cuddle with a roommate, but regardless, Netflix has seriously up-ed their TV show game this year.

Selena Gomez and David Henrie in the Wizards of Waverly Place movie Alex Russo
Selena Gomez may be rebounding from Justin Bieber with David Henrie.

19 Stars Who Hooked Up With Onscreen Family Members

TV and movie sets are pretty much hotbeds for hooking up. If you want to find love (or, let's be real, just have sex with someone hot), it's a safe bet that being an actor or actress will help with that. But things get complicated when you find out that your crush may not be playing your love interest in whatever project you stalked your way into, but rather, they're starring as your sibling. Which means unless it's some weird Harmony Korine-type project, you probably will never, ever get to make out with said crush without some major re-writes in the mix.

Celebrities You Didn't Know Married Each Other
Yep, they're a couple!

13 Celebrities You Didn't Know Married Each Other

While we may never understand just why famous folks seem to be drawn to each other, it's a phenomenon that has existed since the dawn of film and television and the rise of Hollywood. Is it all about having a shared life experience and maintaining a certain lifestyle? Is it a case of the beautiful people sticking together?

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling is a hot lumbersexual, and he's not the only one.

10 Of The Hottest Lumbersexuals In Hollywood

Move over, metrosexuals — lumbersexuals are here, and they're taking over Hollywood. According to GearJunkie, a lumbersexual "looks like a hardened outdoorsman but his flannel feels soft to the touch. He will open your beer with an omni-present Buck knife. He is a master of the retro Instagram filter.

Mullet Eugene The Walking Dead AMC
Mullets are like crack: They're wack. Just say no.

'The Walking Dead': 10 Reasons To Never Trust A Man With A Mullet

Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead! If you love the show but aren't caught up, don't read this until you've had a DVR binge. The Walking Dead has a new person for us to hate while we wait on Beth to come back (or not) from the hospital full of rapists and their apologists. Eugene Porter, who claimed to be working on the Human Genome Project and that he knew what caused the zombie outbreak, is a liar.

Pixar, Life Lessons, Brave, Love Lessons, Friendship
Because John Lasseter knows best.

16 Friendship, Life And Love Lessons From Pixar Movies

For many of us, Pixar movies were a staple growing up. Everything we learned, we learned through stories like Toy Story and A Bug’s Life. Even though we were still watching Disney princesses find their prince and one day hoping we could do the same, Pixar was more about accepting your family and true friends lasting forever. Wall*E and Up taught us about just how deep love can go, and movies like Monsters Inc. and Cars taught us everything we need to know about being ourselves (basically, being unique is the best).

lost ryan gosling poster

10 Ways To Cope When Your Celeb Crush Gets Snatched

Just because you've never met someone doesn't mean that you don't actually love them. That's a perfectly normal thing to say as long as you're talking about a celebrity. (If you're not talking about a celebrity, and you say something like that, then you're a crazy person.)

Kim Kardashian butt from Paper Magazine
Kim Kardashian showed her entire, likely enhanced butt on the cover of Paper magazine.

10 Hollywood Effects More Realistic Than Kim Kardashian's Butt

OK, for everyone talking about Kim Kardashian's supposedly super-sexy butt pic from that Paper magazine cover: that isn't real. It's clearly photoshopped to Hell and back. That's not what her butt looks like, that's not what any butt looks like. Everyone needs to stop freaking out, it's basically a cartoon picture.

Jon Hamm as Don Draper from Mad Men
Mad respect for this "Mad Men" star.

10 Reasons Why Even Straight Men Love Jon Hamm

The other day, I overheard somebody say "They don't make men like they used to." As a guy, I was a little insulted. If anything, I'd like to consider myself an updated model on the classic man. All the good stuff that the old model had, plus some nice upgrades. It doesn't matter though, because that person was wrong. Jon Hamm, the star of Mad Men, is a classic man, through and through. He's handsome, smart, charming and funny, ladies. What more do you want?!

Kylie Jenner Selfie Instagram
Kylie Jenner is 17 and can afford to rebel.

12 Reasons We Love Kylie Jenner, The Kardashian Family Rebel

Oh, those Kardashians. How can you not love Kylie Jenner? Kylie Jenner, the youngest daughter of Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, is a satellite member of the reality TV clan, but she is certainly making a name for herself. Her inflated lips have been a hot media topic, which bores the teenager. She is just 17, so she can afford to be a rebel (and to potentially puff up her pout if she feels like it).

Abc, Selfie, Canceled, John Cho
Sorry ABC, 'Selfie' was the worst.

12 Reasons 'Selfie' Deserved To Be Canceled

Why ABC ever read this pilot and thought that it would make a good show audiences would love is beyond me, but they did and for the good of all humanity it has been canceled, even though they are airing the remaining ordered episodes. In case you're not as in tune with pilot season as I am, Selfie is a show about a girl who is so involved with online social media that she forgets basically how to be a human being. She has no idea how to interact with other humans (which I guess is pretty realistic these days, so I will give them that).