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Unfinished Business: 7 Reasons You're Not Getting Off

If you're not having an orgasm during sex, that's OK. Well, not OK in that you're going without such a fantastic pleasure, but OK in that you're definitely not alone. There are many women out there who don't orgasm as often as they should, and some who just never get there at all.


11 Crazy Cool College Classes We're Dying To Take

For those of you who haven't been in college for quite a few years, things are a wee bit different now. Although you can still get your hands on staples like math, science, and English classes, if that's your thing, the outside world is making a far greater impact on college curriculum and what it has to offer their students each year. When I was at university, the "strangest" class my school offered was wine tasting. I remember that even though I thought it was brilliant, my parents were dead set against it.


7 Sexy Kama Sutra Moves With The Elf On The Shelf

Y'all, we’ve done it. We’ve finally crossed the line … and it is amazing. So, to catch you guys up, we were sitting around the office one day and got to wondering about the Kama Sutra. Simultaneously, we were thinking about the Elf on the Shelf (because, you know, those two go hand in hand). Anyway, being the little weirdoes that we are, we decided to throw them in the same pot and see what came out.

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10 Hot Sex Confessions You Need To Read Now

The great thing about anonymous sites like Whisper is that you get to hear juicy confessions that you would never have gotten to hear otherwise. Some of the confessions have to do with workplace secrets and infidelity. But a lot of them have to do with sex—the best sex users have ever had. And lucky for you, we gathered 10 of the hottest sex stories strangers are spilling the details about.

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10 Sexy Books That'll Make You Forget '50 Shades Of Grey'

You recognize them when you see 'em. The ripped bodices, Fabio's long flowing locks. Everyone has seen the books. You know what's in them: porn, usually cheesy and not well-written, but they're erotic stories nonetheless. And until recently, they weren't talked about. You did not read these books in public and you certainly did not talk about them in public. But a certain book about monochromatic grey changed all that. And, as far as this reader is concerned, that's the only good it did. 50 Shades Of Grey is poorly written and poorly researched.

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12 Strange Love Laws You Won't Believe Are Real

In the land of the free there are actually a lot of strange laws that don't make sense. Of course, some of these laws are outdated and not exactly still reinforced, but some of them, sadly, are still the ways of the land—and impacting your love life. One recent case brought up a weird law made news headlines back in May when a 44-year-old Georgia resident named Melissa Davenport


Three's A Crowd: 10 Eye-Opening Facts About Threesomes

So many women are put off when they hear their guy bring up a threesome—including myself—but not for the reasons you may think. It's not because I find it to be an oversexualized, perverted fantasy that only distasteful men have (which may be the reason for other women), but mostly because I begin to overthink the act. Who should it be with? Will he enjoy sex with her more than me? But truth be told, it's actually a major fantasy of mine, as a naturally curious woman. The mere thought of it gives me the VT's i.e.

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13 Things Guys Get So Wrong In Bed

When it comes to speaking up about the things that are bothering you in the bedroom, most women would rather endure a less than stellar shag session than to kill the spirit of the guy who's trying his best to get it right.

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9 Sexy Self Pleasure Tips For Women

Learning how to masturbate is a great way to find out what turns you on and what kinds of physical touching and fantasies make you most likely to reach the big 'O'. After all, if you don't know what takes you to pleasurable heights, how do you expect someone else to? The name of the game is self discovery, and there's no shame in it.

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Get him hot with these saying sayings

Talk Dirty To Him: 26 Sexy Things To Say To Your Man

And just because this is a list of dirty things to say, it doesn't mean that you can't put them in a text message or email, too. While the list below will give you 26 different dirty things to say to your man, I first want to show you a 4 simple ways to come up with your own.


10 Shocking Health Benefits Of Semen

A study, recently published by Dutch psychologists, showed that when women are sexually aroused, their disgust tolerance increases — not just regarding sex, but across the board. In the study, the aroused group of women were less disgusted when asked to touch a "bloody" bone (actually it was red ink) or put their hands in a bowl of allegedly used condoms (which were actually not used, but covered in lubricant). The study also contained two other groups of women who were not aroused.

13 Things You're Doing Wrong In Bed, According To Guys

13 Things You're Doing Wrong In Bed, According To Guys

Regardless of how many times you've done the deed, you've probably had a moment or two where you thought to yourself, "Wait, am I even doing this right?" or "Does he actually like this?" To clear things up on those awkward, cringeworthy bedroom moments, we went straight to the source. We asked these 13 men to dish on what we've been getting wrong all this time between the sheets, from what we're doing to what we're not doing. As for the things women are getting horribly wrong between the sheets?