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10 Most Romantic Lines From Harlequin Romance Novels

It's pretty much a fact: Even the most guilty-pleasure romance novel can put love into words that seem otherwise impossible. A good romance novel spans every aspect of love, from crushes to lust to head-over-heels craziness. So where else would we look for the most romantic, sexy quotes about love than our favorite Harlequin books? 

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8 Relatable Quotes That Prove Your Husband Is Your Best Friend

Friedrich Nietzsche once famously said, "It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages." And this couldn't be more true; after all, the strongest relationships seem to be those that are built on friendship (hence why so many friendship quotes focus on love). No, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your husband will enjoy going shopping and getting mani/pedis with you or that you have to enjoy watching football in order to be friends with him.

Christmas Stockings

18 Stocking Stuffers That Seriously Don't Suck

All year around you anticipate the holiday season and mainly (for anyone with even a glimmer of innocence) Christmas day—the opening gifts is always the best part—whether you enjoy watching or participating. But how often do you get excited about looking to see what's in that lovely little stocking, that's been dangling from the fireplace? The answer is simple, you don't. Typically tossed aside or saved for last to be opened after "the good stuff," one of the most underrated holiday traditions is that of sifting through the stocking.

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10 Perfect Gifts For The Introvert You Love

So it's time for you to pick up a gift, eh? While this might be a breeze for some of the people on your list, others pose more of a challenge. Take, for example, the introvert in your life. What on earth do you get the person who seems withdrawn, quiet, and hard to know? (Bonus tip: we only seem like that. Put a little effort into getting to know us and you’ll see how fabulous introverts are.)

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11 Things I Really Envy About My Parents' Perfect Marriage

My parents met and married in FOUR months. (Crazy, I know!) In February, they'll be married for 29 years. And though I know it hasn't all been rosy for them, when I think of the kind of great, big, amazing love I want to have one day, all I have to do is check Facebook and see their latest kissing photo. (Gross, yet adorable!)

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15 Things Hubbies Do That Make Us Fall In Love All Over Again

When I see young couples on their wedding day staring at each other and swearing they've never been more in love, I want to pull them aside and say, "Just you wait." There have been moments in my relationship with my husband where I have fallen in love with him all over again. All those butterflies come fluttering back, and I'm suddenly a twitterpated teenager with googly eyes and cartoon hearts floating above my head.

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If He Likes This, Get Him That: Gifts For Guys Under $20

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or simply just because … there is seriously never a bad time to bestow a little something on your favorite man to let him know how much you care. Only problem is, what on earth do you get him? We all know how difficult guys can be to shop for, especially since they never seem to "need" anything (we know you do, fellas!) or seem to have pretty much everything. It's not like he has a wishlist on his nightstand or a Pinterest board you can peek.

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11 Things I Learned About Life While My Girlfriend Was Stoned

My girlfriend doesn't do drugs. Ever. She's never smoked a cigarette, let alone anything else (just the smell of pot makes her nauseous), and she didn't even start drinking until she was 23 (and even then, she still only drinks just enough whiskey or gin to, as she says, "become a nicer person," then stops before it gets messy). Normally, that is. Recently, she had to get some oral surgery, and her dentist prescribed her codeine to help with the residual pain.

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You had me at "hello!"

11 Fabulous & Famous Quotes To Celebrate Your True Love

At YourTango, we love quotes, and we love love, so naturally, we adore love quotes (it just works)! And we know how we feel about the ones we hold dear, but what about you, darling reader? Have you ever loved someone so much that you just couldn't find the words to express your intense feelings? All you could do was yell "I love you!" and shower them with a mad barrage of hugs and kisses. If so, you're likely not alone. If you were, Facebook wouldn't be so full of your friends sharing love quotes from famous folks like William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou and John Lennon.

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20 Powerful 'I Love You' Quotes That Get Straight To The Heart

I love you: Those three little words can take weeks, months or even years to say - no matter how much you care about someone. You've seen it done in the movies, on TV shows, in books and you've even uttered it in past relationships. But when it comes to saying it with someone new, it can feel just like the first time. Is it too early? Too late? The right time? The right setting? Will they say it back?

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Find Out How You Show The Love Using Love Languages

Fights between couples often arise due to miscommunication and not being able to relate to where your partner is coming from. It can often feel like your significant other just doesn't understand you or appreciate you. What follows is feelings of frustration-- you don't know how exactly to explain or resolve this communication divide--and it can really drive you crazy!

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14 Beauty Products Couples Can Share

It's 6:45 a.m., and you're running late for work. To make matters worse, your shaving gel runs dry, leaving your legs resembling that cactus plant perched on your windowsill. You spot your boyfriend's Lavender Shaving Cream on the bathroom sink. Sure, it's made for guys, but a product from a company called The Art Of Shaving has got to be good for women, right? Right! So lather up and put that cream to good use!


Mother's Day Gifts For Every Type Of Mom

She's cleaned up scraped knees, wiped away tears, soothed sick tummies, offered sage advice and a little bit of coddling. She teaches right from wrong, and put up with you when no one else would. She's a (constructive?) critic and your biggest fan. She's your mom—or your wife—and there's no way you can repay her for giving birth to you—or your kids. These gifts will at least show her how much you appreciate her, whatever type of lady she is.

New Holiday Traditions To Start This Year

New Holiday Traditions To Start This Year

The year may be coming to end, but the time to get closer to your partner is just beginning. The holidays are an opportunity for couples to introduce the traditions that have been passed from one generation to the next—but also to create new traditions that enhance a relationship for years to come. Here we've collected ten holiday traditions (some a little spicier than others) that you and your boyfriend or husband can make your own. Happy holidays! – Maureen Dempsey and Elizabeth Narins