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Is Your Dog An Online Dating Dealbreaker? [EXPERT]
Don't let your pet be the reason you don't find love online!
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Is Your Dog An Online Dating Dealbreaker?

Have you ever come across a gorgeous man's profile picture who seems to have everything you've ever wanted in life — except he has a cat? How about that handsome, mysterious James Bond type who claims the hobbies of cliff-diving and extreme snowboarding excites him? Crap ... he's into exotic snakes. In the online dating world, these mini-factoids may fall into a category called dealbreakers.

72% Of People Say Pets Influence Dating

72% Of People Say Pets Influence Dating

Choose your pet wisely if you're looking for romance, because 72 percent of singles say that animals make a difference as to whether or not they would date someone. If you don't want your pet to interfere with your love life, you're best off owning a hamster or guinea-pig. A YouGov poll found that just 10 percent of women and 13 percent of men would be turned off if they found out a new date lived with those small animals.

Making a base camp for your cat is a good thing. Just make sure it isn't in the man cave!
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9 Ways To Help Your Partner Love Your Cat

Jackson Galaxy is a cat behaviorist who stars on Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell," and has often been called the Cat Whisperer. One of the problems he most frequently encounters on his show, which documents his adventures counseling owners of misbehaving cats, are cats who seem to hate one half of a couple.

Alice Johnson with dog
Alice has a new pet; will Timmy be jealous?

Your Dog Could Be Sabotaging Your Relationship

In this next installment of the Electronic Picture Diaries, things may not go over well when Timmy finds out that Alice has a new furry friend in her life. Can getting a pet spark jealousy in your relationship?