Kirstie Alley Confesses: What I Did Was Worse Than Cheating
Kirstie Alley is telling some of her deepest secrets.
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Kirstie Alley Confesses: What I Did Was Worse Than Cheating

Over the past two days, Dancing with the Stars contestant Kirstie Alley is coming clean about quite a bit of history. In her new book 'The Art of Men,' she goes into detail about the difficult times she went through in her love life. But you don't have to pick up the book, out today, to get all the dirt about how Alley fell in love twice​ while married.

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Cut Loose! 6 Lessons We Can Learn From 80s Dance Remakes

So, the remake of Footloose is coming out today. Personally, we think Kevin Bacon is still good-looking enough to star in it (he'd just need a little fashion upgrade). But, in this installment, newcomer Ren MacCormack stars opposite sexy 23-year-old, Julianne Hough, who plays Ariel, the rebellious preacher's daughter. We'll be going just to see the dance moves... who wouldn't want to have a body like that with the ability to rock?

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Patrick Swayze's Most Romantic Movies

Patrick Swayze once said that he wanted to achieve the heights of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and Errol Flynn before he died. And in many people's opinions, the recently deceased actor/dancer did—fighting the bad guys as Flynn might in Red Dawn, dancing with the athleticism of Kelly in Dirty Dancing, and even serenading Jennifer Grey as Astaire might in the same movie. But, contrary to what Swayze might have thought of himself or how the entertainment world chose to package him, it will not be his physical presence alone that we remember him for. As much a romantic lead as a dancer, Swayze made us fall in love with him over and over again throughout the years in roles that didn't include a single two-step. Below, we've listed some of our favorite romantic Swayze films. Let us know if there are any we left off that you wish were included.

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How Dirty Dancing Ruined My Love Life

Dirty Dancing ruined my love life. I'm not sure how one movie could so deeply affect me. Maybe it was because I saw the movie when I was young and impressionable, or maybe it's just that I watched the film so often that my VHS copy actually broke in the VCR. All I know is that the lessons I learned about love in the summer of 1987 set me up for some massive disappointments later in life.

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Ghost Whisperer: What Ghosts Teach Us About Love

Mary Ann Winkowski communicates with "earthbound ghosts," those who have yet to cross into the white light (yes, Winkowski says, it exists). She's not to be confused with a medium—a person who can communicate with those who've already "crossed over." YourTango caught up with her recently via phone, to find out what relationship insight she could share, given her unique ability to talk to ghosts.

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Jade Goody And Leaving It all On The Field

Jade Goody has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. In her last weeks and days, she's managed to get married to Jack Tweed and tell everyone all the nice things she could. Though the prospect of knowing your day of death is ghastly, there is something to be said about enjoying your own memorial and finish anything you may have started. Patrick Swayze has been able to enjoy a similar experience. It seems like there is some sort of life lesson here.

Scene from Dirty Dancing

The Dirty Dancing Guide To Romance

In Dirty Dancing, Baby gets from Johnny all the things that women want from their lovers: patience, dedication, decisiveness, and more. Writer Renee A. James takes some cues from the film to dole out tips for guys who need to brush up on their moves on and off the dance floor.