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Not really dating but want love?

Not really dating but want love?

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Almost 60% Of Americans Think You Should Have Kids Before Age 25
And how do the percentages for men and women differ?
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Almost 60% Of Americans Think You Should Have Kids Before Age 25

According to a just-released Gallup poll, most Americans — to the tune of 58 percent — think the "ideal age" for women to begin having children is "25 or younger." Scarily, there is no bottom cap for that range, which in theory means 58 percent of our great country may or may not support teen pregnancy.

marriage, husband before kids
A new baby changes the whole relationship dynamic.

Why I Always Put My Husband Before My Child

Because I want to stay happily married and give our three-year-old son the kind of joyful home I didn't have while I was growing up, I put my marriage first. That's right. My husband comes before anyone else in my life, including my beloved child.

Parenting Advice: Strong Mom, Strong Self
Loving yourself will set a positive example for your kids.
Love Transforms

To Be A Strong Mom, First Be A Strong Self

Becoming a mother is transforming: an entirely new dimension to our sense of selves is born along with that new baby. If you don't have a strong sense of self before baby, motherhood becomes a stressful distraction from our personal health. Read on for some great parenting advice.

kids using tablet
When did you first give your child a smartphone?

Why Does My Kid Feel Entitled To A Cellphone?

Your son or daughter approaches you and begs for the latest cellphone, tablet, mp3 player or laptop. Do you say "yes" and give in to their wants or do you hold out to teach them how to responsibly earn it on their own? More and more parents are giving into their kids' demands, and more and more kids are growing up into entitled adults. So how do we — as parents — stop the cycle?

Parenting: Can Your Relationship Survive A New Baby?
Ready to be stressed out of your mind?
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Can Your Relationship Survive A Baby?

The arrival of a baby marks the real end to the honeymoon for many couples. Instead of fighting about sex, money, "me time" and more, learn how to nip the damage in the bud, both now and after your little home-wrecker arrives.