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"If you're not down for the long haul, then don't sign up for the responsibility."
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Seriously, What's Wrong With Parents?

No one ever said being a parent is easy. Still, it's better to never have a child at all, than have one and take its life away. I've been horrified by recent news stories of parenting gone wrong from mommy blogger Lacey Spears who was arrested for systematically poisoned her son Garnett to Justin Ross Harris of Georgia who "accidentally" left his 22-month-old son in the car all day. Based on the behavior of some of these so-called parents, something needs to be said.

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12 Animals Who Love Their Adorable Mini-Mes

Sometimes, we have to stop and appreciate the little things in life. Warm cookies, hugs from that special someone, and animal parents who love their babies. To that end, here are 12 fabulous animal parents lovin' on their wee ones, just because we love you and want to lighten your day.

The happy little Speed family.
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Love Propels British Couple To Move 5 Times For Daughter

Bill and Hollie Speed knew early on in their marriage that they would have to adopt. Mrs. Speed suffered several miscarriages, and their one child, Stephen, died three days after birth. But the Speeds soldiered on. They were determined to be parents, and they were more than happy to open their home to a child in need of love and care.

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Of course you love spending time with the kids, but you also need to bond alone.
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4 Smart & Free Ways To Get One-On-One Time With Your Husband

If you're financially sound enough not to bat an eye for a nice dinner out and paying for a sitter, more power to you. But if you're like me, you're always looking for creative and inexpensive ways to create that alone time, like these ideas!

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Proud Penguin Papas Are Raising Surrogate Chick With Love

A pair of gay Humboldt penguins named Jumbs and Kermit (cutest names ever?) have been a couple since 2012, when they paired up and waddled off in love at the Wingham Wildlife Park in Kent, England. The one sad point in their coupling? They can't reproduce together. As they've exhibited no interest in the female penguins in their habitat, Jumbs and Kermit would never be able to become parents. At least, that's what everyone thought.

Are You Suffering From Caregiver's Overload Syndrome?
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Are You Suffering From Caregiver's Overload Syndrome?

So exactly what is 'Caregiver's Overload Syndrome' (COS) anyway? Well, I don't think you will find it in any medical book of any kind because I made it up. It is just my own term for what many people do who care for others. Simply stated, Caregiver's Overload Syndrome is the act of constantly taking care of others at our own expense.

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Get them started early!
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9 Epic Parenting Wins On Imgur

Parenting has its up and downs, like any aspect of life. The people who really excel as parents are the ones who keep things interesting, at least in our book. Check out these imgur posts from parents who really raised the bar.

Not really dating but want love?

Not really dating but want love?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break if you live in the States! I had a fantastic time at home and with my family. On the last day I was there we went out to dinner as a family, and during dinner I got to witness some amazing Lovework that my Brother did with my Mom and Dad: he asked my parents if he was a good son. I know! It brings tears to my eyes right now. I want to share the whole story with you because what was revealed for him will help you stop hiding in work and naturally get you attracting in high quality men.

Almost 60% Of Americans Think You Should Have Kids Before Age 25
And how do the percentages for men and women differ?
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Almost 60% Of Americans Think You Should Have Kids Before Age 25

According to a just-released Gallup poll, most Americans — to the tune of 58 percent — think the "ideal age" for women to begin having children is "25 or younger." Scarily, there is no bottom cap for that range, which in theory means 58 percent of our great country may or may not support teen pregnancy.

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A new baby changes the whole relationship dynamic.

Why I Always Put My Husband Before My Child

Because I want to stay happily married and give our three-year-old son the kind of joyful home I didn't have while I was growing up, I put my marriage first. That's right. My husband comes before anyone else in my life, including my beloved child.