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Parenting Styles: Why You Should Let Your Kids Get Disappointed
You worry he won't get picked for football so you don't even let him try out.
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Teaching Your Kid To Fear Disappointment? You Should Stop NOW

You love your child and want the best for him but do you protect little Timmy too much? Life coach Dr. Lisa Kaplin discusses parenting styles where mom and dad prevent their child from participating in life in fear they will experience disappointment. Read on to see if you're guilty of this and what you can do to give your child the space to make mistakes and grow.

Life Coach: Why Parents Should Teach Their Kids To Be Independent
Always encourage your children to be all that they can be!
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Teach Your Children To Be 'I Can' Kids

Life coach Dr. Lisa Kaplin explains why parents should teach their children they CAN succeed, no matter their limitations. This heartwarming story will inspire you to be your kids' biggest cheerleader.

Parenting: How To Let Go When Your Kid Grows Up
"I wasn't ready to let my oldest go so easily."
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A Mom's Biggest Struggle: Letting Go When Your Kid Grows Up

It's something every mother goes through: We have to not only let them go, but be let go by them. When it came to work meetings, a date, their first day at school, I was OK with all that because I was the one doing all the leaving. I was the one letting go. But I learned quickly that being on the "let go" side is a whole different predicament.