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Parenting Advice: Are Your Kids' Friends Being A Bad Influence?
Your child's bestie is a little less than perfect.
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Are Your Kids' Friends A Bad Influence?

As parents, we all dream of lifelong friends for our children. We hope they will meet very early on (in Mommy and Me group, for example) and grow up as close as siblings, spending long afternoons at each other's homes, holding hands as they enter kindergarten, and supporting one another through those tough middle- and high-school years. So what do you do when they start to influence each other in the wrong way?

Effective Tips for Joyful Parenting

Effective Tips for Joyful Parenting

Parenting is not a burden, it is in fact a blessing, and knowing that you played a big role in making your child what he/she is brings forth a feeling of happiness and contentment. That is why you should put effort and wisdom in parenting to make your child the best he/she can be, and the following tips can help you do just that. Always Be There One thing that you should always keep in mind is that you are bound to your child.

How to Prevent Your Child From Becoming a Procrastinator
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How to Prevent Your Child From Becoming a Procrastinator

Are you a procrastinator? Procrastination is a widespread problem that never seems to go away. No one is born with a procrastination gene. It is an annoying habit that may have its roots in childhood. Although we may look back on childhood as a carefree time, a child’s life is structured around school. Parents and teachers rule, and children must obey.

Parenting: Stop The Mommy Wars!
Your friends shouldn't care if you work in an office or stay at home.
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Stop The Madness & Stop The Mommy Wars

Sick of being judged for your parenting and worklife decisions? A heated debate over women's role in society and home has evolved into a full-blown "Mommy War". This life coach has had enough.

Parenting: In Defense Of The Family Meal
Food just tastes better when it's shared.
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In Defense Of The Family Meal

Spending time with your children is key to ensuring their lives are filled with support and love — and family meals make sure they get great nutrition, too! Eating together as a family should be an essential practice: this parenting expert explains why.