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Next time parenting gets tough, try using one of the 3 secrets listed below!
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3 Powerful Parenting Secrets

An Old Chinese Proverb states, "Parents who are afraid to put their foot down usually have children who tread on their toes." Clearly some form of structure is needed to keep the peace and limit the chaos. With these 3 powerful parenting secrets, you do not need to yell or scold, but you do need to be consistent and firm.

Ways To Encourage Free Play With Your Baby & Toddler
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Ways To Encourage Free Play With Your Baby & Toddler

It is well established that free play is vital to the development of our children. You may be wondering what you can do at home to help. How do we cultivate creativity and a sense of play in our children? Here are some ideas. With Babies: 1) Play the musical face game. Assign each part of the face or the body a sound and then “play” those sounds as you touch them. This is a great way to get rid of the crankies! Watch my how to video from our musical parenting course here.

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Benefit your child by being their favorite playmate!
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The Benefits Of Playing With Your Children

"I am not my child's playmate, I am his parent" a mother announced in our playgroup. Many in the group echoed her thought with similar comments such as, "It is not my job to entertain him all day!" My first thought was, "I can tell you as the mother of an only child I am my son's main playmate." My second thought was, "Wow. Play is really important to me and my son. Am I doing something wrong?"

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Bully parenting leads to many unnecessary fights with your teen!
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Do You Use Tough Love Or Bully Parenting?

Since the 1970s, tough love has received a great deal of attention. It's all about creating tough consequences for teens when they make irresponsible or dangerous decisions. Sadly, the term has been used to describe a parenting style that often resembles bully behavior. Parents are struggling with their parenting voice – trying to find a way to be effective parents with teens who are making poor choices. They need help practicing tough love by creating healthy boundaries and external controls for children who are unable to do this for themselves.

To Spank Or Not Spank

To Spank Or Not Spank

My child is three. She is sometimes a terrible three. I have had the typical day most parents have. Not enough time, not enough patience, and not enough sleep and then along comes the unrelenting three-year old terrorist. They ask a million questions, talk over you, cause you to ask people to repeat themself a dozen times over the phone. Then you try to engage the three-year old and she pouts, shouts, and hits. This is where the battle of wits begins. There are many options to redirect the behavior. Some people use guilt, consequences (toys), time outs, and spanking.

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10 Ways To Keep Your Kids From Growing Up Too Fast

I was people-watching at a posh restaurant while waiting for my friend to join me. People with money, power, expensive clothes, cars, and dates arrived. I began wondering what I was doing; was the great food going to somehow make this display of affluence okay? I was underdressed and evaluating that in my mind, when all of a sudden I heard someone laugh. It wasn't the laugh that caught my attention, but rather the lack of laughter from most of the guests there. In fact, prior to her laugh, people had the right clothes and accessories, but none of them looked very happy. These people were what Sidney Sheldon would call social skeletons.

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Help! Three Kids And No Sex Life

Are family and work getting in the way of your physical needs? Are you afraid you might do something you will seriously regret later? In this instructional sex video, YourTango expert and therapist, Carin Goldstein compares relationships to a need to water it it see it grow! And the perfect fertilizer to help any couple through a dry spell is communication. 

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My Husband Wants To Circumcise Our Son... But I Don't

I understand a man wanting his son to be like him, especially in this particularly masculine way. The thing is, when my husband was circumcised it was because of an actual, honest-to-goodness medical necessity. The foreskin was too small. It was painful. The surgery had to be done. If it were medically necessary, I would do the same thing. But otherwise, why put my son through elective surgery?

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Stretch Marks: Badges Of Honor Or Unsightly Scars?

While I understand and respect that many women proudly wear their stretch marks as badges of honor or battle scars, I don’t feel the same way about mine. I am not ashamed of them, but if they don’t fade by next summer they won’t be seeing the light of day. I think of it this way: If I have a blemish, I conceal it. If I pack on a few pounds over the holidays, I conceal those too. For me, stretch marks aren’t any different, even if they are a result of my beautiful journey to motherhood.

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Baby Talk: In Our 40s, We're Still Not Sure If We Want Kids

I have been married almost four years now. For the most part, my relationship with my husband, Matt, who happens to be a matchmaker and dating coach, has pretty much been "out there" in terms of our views regarding dating, marriage, love, how men think and how to handle a breakup. We have written books, appeared on television and given lots of advice. But perhaps the one area that we haven’t had too much experience in dealing with: children. Until recently that is.

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Sick of Disick: Why Kourtney Kardashian Should Dump Scott Stat

I thought all the teasers for this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians were just going to try to make us think that Scott Disick really started drinking again. They showed him heading off to host an event in Las Vegas, and sitting poolside asking, "What do you expect from me, it's Vegas?" I expected them to just be trying to trick us into believing that after almost a year of sobriety, he actually fell off the wagon. But fall he did.

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Our Children Don't Make Me Happy

I stood there in my sweatpants, a bit disheveled, wanting to cry out, "No! You and I belong together!" But that was my need, not his. He walked off, his Bakugan backpack shining in the sun, without turning his head. I tightened my jacket around me. He caught sight of his friend, and slung his arm around his shoulders, a gesture that seemed more mature than he was. They disappeared into the school, laughing, tilting their faces towards one another. And just like that, the cord was severed.

5 Tips For Moms & Dads On Bonding With Their Kids
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5 Tips For Moms & Dads On Bonding With Their Kids

When babies bond with their parents, they create an “attachment style” based on the bonding experience. Most people have more than one attachment style, due to more than one significant adult in the life of a baby. This attachment style influences all the relationships of life including friendships, work relationships, mate selection, and family dynamics after marriage.