couple kissing in bed

Attention, Fellas! Use ALL Five Senses To Get In The Mood [VIDEO]

You've got the magic touch so it's time you started using it.

Attention men everywhere, YourTango Expert Esther Perel has a message for you: "He who looks down there is wasting his time." Confused? Allow her to explain. If you want to rev things up between-the-sheets with your partner, let your five senses control foreplay. Turn her on with your words, beckon her with your smell, and sexplore with taste. Voilà, you've uncovered the secret to mind-blowing sex.

couple kissing

How To Kiss Your Way To Hotter Foreplay (So Pucker Up!) [VIDEO]

Here is an inside look at the sexy art of lip-locking.

Kissing is more than a fun part of foreplay — it's connecting with one another physically, showing affection and setting the mood for a night of intimacy and romance. For a kiss that sends sparks everytime, we can definitely attest that it takes two to tango.


How I Revealed My Secret Fantasy For The Very First Time

"My ex used to wear glasses ... He looked insanely hot in them—like a Jewish Clark Kent."

From nerd glasses to champagne bathing, these ladies longed to get inventive in the bedroom. Read about how they let their partners in on their kinky plans for the first time, and the guys' (sometimes) surprising reactions.

sensual massage

12 Tips For A Stellar Sensual Massage

Think of a sensual massage as a slow tease ... of sexier things to come.

Sure, you can turn up the heat in your relationship by forking over a handful of cash for an expensive couple's massage. Or you can take matters into your own hands — literally — and give your partner a sensual massage right in the comfort of your own home. After all, who knows your lover's pleasure points better than you?

brain and sex

Your Brain On Sex: 4 Ways To Use Human Physiology In Your Bedroom

Learn how to use your most powerful organ — your brain — to have smarter sex.

In the past ten years, advances in brain-imaging technology have allowed scientists to see first-hand the avalanche of chemical activity in the brain during sex. The brain truly is the the center of desire. So what exactly have they learned? And how can you use it to avoid the situation above? YourTango reports.

apps for enhancing intimacy

The 7 Best Apps For Enhancing Intimacy

Plug back into your relationship with one of these sexy apps!

Though 'smart phone' and 'sex life' may seem like polar opposites, your device can actually help heat up your relationship. The key? Knowing which intimacy-enhancing apps are actually worth the download.

Learn how getting closer can take you further—both in and out of the bedroom.