What Your Facebook Posts Tell Us About Your Personal Life

What Your Facebook Posts Tell Us About Your Personal Life

Ever since networking evolved from the MySpace phenomenon back in 2003, Facebook took the top spot two years later, now having pulled in over 1 billion users, making for a plentiful abundance of social media fanatics. What began as a small college site evolved into a soapbox for anyone with something very important or either very useless to share. While the internet allows us our freedom of speech to preach whatever we wish to friends and family around the world, we aren't apt to pausing very long before doing so.

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Yes, Potty-Training Mishaps Do Belong On Facebook: So Get Over It

I’m from a huge extended family, so I spent most of my formative years changing diapers, cleaning up vomit and chasing after younger cousins. By the time blogs and social media rolled around, I’d already heard enough for a lifetime. I couldn't understand all the public over-sharing by new parents. Then I took in a teen from the foster care system, and everything changed.

Do We Need to Share EVERYTHING with our Mates?
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Do We Need to Share EVERYTHING with our Mates?

I was posed a question which I find interesting.  “Would you like to know if someone hit on me during the day?”  Not in a “this is sexual harassment, I need you to beat this guy down,” kind of way, but in a “would something like that be too much information to share,” kind of way.  The point of the question is essentially, “Are there some things we should not share within our relationship?”

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Should We Share Relationship Problems On Facebook?

The New York Times had an interesting piece about kids today and how they use Facebook as a tool to air their relationship dirty laundry. The Times seems to think this might be harmful to relationships and may signify a degradation of the sanctity of marriage. Should relationship problems be shared on Facebook?

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Is It Time To Break Up With Facebook?

While social networks evolved, ostensibly, to make keeping in touch more time-effective as well as to enable new professional connections they have clearly devolved, for many, in to time-wasting, navel-gazing tools of alienation. Do you spend more time on Facebook each week than you do thinking of ways to make your wife/husband happy? It might be time to break up.