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Polyamory: What If You Keep Falling In Love?

You're in an open relationship, and you have both a husband and a girlfriend. What if your girlfriend or you or your husband all fall in love with someone else? According to polyamorist Jenny Block, "although they are very good friends, my husband and my girlfriend are not in love or involved with one another. And my girlfriend and I are very much in love. The thing is, we don't think of love as a limited commodity. So, falling in love with someone else is not so much of an issue."

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Gay Talese Pens New Book On 50-Yr. Marriage

Oh, what times they must have been. In the '70s writer Gay Talese was in throes of research, working on a novel. This wasn't just any reporter's notepad, though. His research involved scouting out massage parlors and trailing orgies with a crew of New York City couples.

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Kate's Secret Marriage Contract Allows Jon To Date

Kate's brother and sister-in-law spoke to exclusively divulging that Kate "told Jon their relationship is over and they should begin dating others." The mother of 8 also whipped up a contract that outlined the terms and conditions of their broken marriage. Jon is allowed to have girlfriends and do his own thing provided that it doesn't interfere with filming.


Being single vs being single(ish)

Originally posted at Here’s a fact I’ve realized lately: I’ve dated / slept with way more people since being married than I ever did when I was actually single. Looking back on my real single life is a strange exercise. Steph and I have been together since I was just about 21 so my single days are far behind me, plus I was younger then and times have changed. Still, I have enough single friends to know what dating is like nowadays and I wanted to reflect on the differences between being actually single and single(ish). (Dating while in an open relationship.) The first obvious difference is that being Ish, I’m already coming home to somebody. The ’sense of urgency’ that I’ve seen so many people go through is lifted. I don’t have any questions of “Is he (or sometimes she) the one?”. That position is filled and if I’m looking