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Is Filtering People By Weight A Good Or Bad Idea?
Don't give up hope for finding your perfect match--you may be pleasantly surprised.
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Is Filtering People By Weight A Good Or Bad Idea?

OkCupid recently announced that a new filter will be able to sort people based on their body structure. While this is done on a day to day basis, should you automatically rule out someone online based on a scale? This expert has key online dating advice to consider.

Online Dating Advice: Why OKCupid's New Filter Will Backfire
Is this new filter encouraging lying and misrepresentation in online dating profiles?
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Why OKCupid's New Option To Weed Out 'Ugly People' Will Backfire

OKCupid recently announced plans to give users the option to pay a fee to weed out "unattractive" users — those who describe their body types as "overweight," "a little extra," "full-figured," and — most unsettling — "used up." But by eliminating less-than-perfect users from search results, the site is about to become an even bigger minefield.

Dating Coach: Are You A Dating Site Stalker?
Um, maybe?
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Are You A Dating Site Stalker?

Listen to this dating coach when he says obsessively checking a new guy's profile online is a bad idea. Why? Worrying about if he's contacting other women makes you look and feel insecure. Wouldn't you rather be your confident, awesome self?

Online Dating Advice: 6 Valuable Lessons From Online Dating
"I don't feel like such a hopeless romantic anymore when I'm online," says Tara
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6 Valuable Lessons From Online Dating

Is online dating worth it? We asked online daters to come clean about the things they loved — and what they loathed — when it came to finding a match online.

Online Dating: Why We're All Buying Into A Scam
Will a healthy dose of skepticism tip the scales in your favor?

Online Dating: Is It All Just One Big Web Of Lies?

Online dating advice encourages singles to sign up for monthly or yearly commitments on their search for love. The sites claim they can match you with your soulmate, but this relationship expert isn't so sure that's the case. Here's his theory on why online dating might not be the best path to true love.

The Top 4 EPIC Reasons You Should Be Online Dating
Want to meet your perfect guy? You may just find him online.
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The Top 4 EPIC Reasons You Should Be Online Dating

Online dating has become commonplace in the modern world, and statistics show that it yields positive results: long-lasting relationships and marriages. This online dating advice expert gives the specifics on why you to give it a shot, ladies.