Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis
Motherhood is beautiful. And it definitely looks good on the stunning Olivia Wilde.
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Cuteness Overload! Olivia Wilde Gushes Over Baby Otis (Photo)

Olivia gave birth to one of the cutest little baby boys known to mankind, Otis. As her fans, we've been waiting with great anticipation for their chance to glimpse the bundle of joy! That time has finally arrived. Be warned: these pictures will make your heart melt into a puddle of goo.

10 Best Celebrity "Breakovers": Look How Hot They Got! [PHOTOS]
Sandra Bullock sizzles at the 'Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close' premiere!
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10 Best Celebrity "Breakovers": Look How Hot They Got!

According to a recent survey we conducted with over 1,300 of our readers, 84 percent agree that a breakup is the perfect opportunity for self-improvement, and 64 percent do so by changing something about their appearance. You may call that a makeover, but hunny, it's really a "breakover."

Olivia Wilde Doesn't Want To Be A Porn Star
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Olivia Wilde Doesn't Want To Be A Porn Star

We applaud Olivia Wilde, 27, star of films like Tron: Legacy and Cowboys & Aliens and awesome shows like House and The O.C. (remember that one?). According to E! Online, the Hollywood hottie is not doing the biopic about Linda Lovelace, a famous porn star from the 70s known for her appearance in the adult film, Deep Throat.

Justin Bateman and Ryan Reynolds in The Change-Up
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'The Change-Up': Monogamy 1, Douchebaggery 0

If American Pie and Freaky Friday got drunk and haphazard one night and made a baby, it'd be The Change-Up. Check out the movie poster or trailer, and you know what happens. Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) is an underemployed actor and dude-about-town who's never met a skirt he wouldn't chase—or couldn't catch. Dave (Jason Bateman) is his best friend and complete opposite. He's an adult with all the trimmings: three kids, a beautiful wife (Leslie Mann) and an impressive career. And of course, neither is quite happy with his lot in life.

cowboys and aliens
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Is Cowboys & Aliens A Date Movie?

The summer film season is in high swing. The latest movie is Cowboys & Aliens. Director Jon Favreau teams up with Daniel Craig with Harrison Ford for some Western/sci-fi action. Tough guys talk tough, Native Americans get wise and aliens run amok. The flick is destined to be a box office success, but is it a date movie?

Bradley Cooper
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Olivia Wilde: Bradley Cooper's New Fling?

It turns out, Justin Timberlake can't quite hold the attention of two beautiful celebrities—or at least not Mila Kunis and Olivia Wilde. The New York Post's Page Six had a tidbit about Justin hanging out with both Mila and Olivia after hosting the SNL finale on Saturday night (he has been linked to both actresses). Unfortunately for those with wild images in their heads of Justin, Mila, and Olivia, it turns out that Olivia is not dating JT, and is snuggling up to Bradley Cooper instead!

Ryan Golsing & Olivia Wilde
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Ryan Gosling & Olivia Wilde Go On A Secret Date

Ryan Gosling and Olivia Wilde look like a cute couple! Rumors started about the potential pairing after they were supposedly seen flirting at a Golden Globes after party. Now there’s video evidence that the two are spending even more quality time together. One lucky YouTube user captured the two casually strolling around a Cincinnati aquarium on a “secret date.”