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Does the search for love get harder after a certain age?

Do Women Over 35 Stand A Chance At Finding Love?

A now infamous Newsweek article once claimed that a single 40-year-old woman was more likely to die in a terrorist attack than to get married. But does dating get that much harder for a woman entering her middle-aged years?

Cougars: Not as frisky as we once thought.
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Is The Era Of The Cougar Over?

At one point, cougars, or more accurately, older women, were revered for their sexuality. The saying "a woman is like a fine wine" and that Cougar Town show have seeped into our culture. But a new survey throws all that out the window...

Katie Couric
Yesterday we found out Katie Couric has broken up with her boyfriend Brooks Perlin.
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Katie Couric Breakup: Is 2011 The End Of Cougars?

I was worried when Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split. But it got worse: Yesterday we found out Katie Couric has broken up with Brooks Perlin, the boyfriend who is young enough to be her son. These aren't even the only celebrity cougar couples that broke up recently — there's been more.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
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15 Shocking Facts About Cougar Couples

Amid rumors that Ashton Kutcher, 33, and Demi Moore, 48, have split after six years of marriage, May-December relationships still keep everyone guessing: Who chose whom? And how long will it last once buttocks sag and double chins set in? Anneli Rufus finds 15 statistics on couples far apart in age, from mortality risks to gay men's preference for older partners.

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Study: The Older A Woman, The More She Enjoys Sex

The older, the better? You bet! A recent study found that as time progresses in a relationship, women become more satisfied with the sex — while men become more satisfied with the relationship as a whole. In fact, it takes 25 years in a long-term relationship for sex to begin predicting how happy women are with said relationship. Crazy, right? Hey, for a lot of us, that's a long way off!

Robert Pattinson
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Robert Pattinson Has A Thing For Cougars

Robert Pattinson usually tries to paint himself as a super-awkward person. A heartthrob? Not so much. Yep, fan girls totally love him, but he often acts like he's the least dating-savvy dude on the planet. Now, we never exactly bought that, but even if we had, we certainly wouldn't anymore. The Water for Elephants star recently revealed he's been in the lady-charmin' business since the tender age of seventeen—when he started romancing older women!

Females And Younger Men: Where Do You Fit In?
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Females And Younger Men: Where Do You Fit In?

Maybe Katie Couric is right.  Lemondrop: Salute to Women in the News According to Judith Brower, author of FAYM: Females and Younger Men, the Trend That Changes the Rules, behind every great single woman should be a line of younger, single men. No, she's not jumping on the cougar train a few years too late. Dating younger men, she says, is about increasing your chances of finding a soul mate. It's also the new black, natural order of things (since women live, on average, five years longer), and a habit Hollywood's had for years.

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Ridiculous Cougar Myths To Ignore

Cougars are getting a bum rap—but you don't need me to tell you that. The media is having a field day portraying women over 40 as predators with only one thing on their minds—prowling for "Grade A" choice beef. Of course, this cartoon characterization was undoubtedly conceived by some immature male in the midst of a juicy, X-rated fantasy—but too many people are buying into the hype and believing it's true.