Why Older Couples Are Marrying Less Often
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Why Older Couples Are Marrying Less Often

Love is wonderful at any age. The excitement, the bliss, the romance. Yet, there’s also no question that as we age, love can get more complicated. As a dating coach, I often hear how my clients do not want to marry again. I know this may not sound romantic, but it’s a very practical side of relationships. I’m not against marriage by any stretch of the imagination. But I do recognize why older couples are choosing alternative living arrangements.

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3 Ways To Avoid "Gray Divorce"

The good news is that the overall rate of divorce in the US is declining. The bad news is that among those fifty years of age and older, the rate of divorce has doubled over the last two decades. In 1990, married couples in this age group accounted for just one in ten divorces. In 2009, that number jumped to nearly one in four. The study also found that the divorce rate was 2.5 times higher for those in this age group who had previous marriages.

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12 Ways For The Gray Divorcé To Win At Dating

Record numbers of boomer couples are opting out of unsatisfactory marriages and starting over. The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article about the impact of the soaring divorce rate for those over fifty. Unlike those of previous generations who divorced later in life, newly single boomers expect to date, find love, and possibly remarry.