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I Don't Care About Your 'Number,' So Don't Worry About Mine

It goes without saying that at some point in your life someone will ask you about your 'number.' Whether it be a one-night stand, a friend, or some fling you have while you're in Rio for the summer, the question will be tossed your way. In those instances, what will you say? Do you plead the fifth or perhaps round down? Or, like me, do you reveal the truth, shrug, and move on in the conversation? At that point, even the weather is a more interesting and important topic.

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It looks like someone isn't happy about her boyfriend's sexual history.
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Never Ask, Never Tell: What Women Really Think ... Of Your Number

A new study reveals that 22% of men lie about how many people they've hooked up with, and when it came to exaggeration their number, 12% of them were guilty of it. Does a certain number make us a better or worse person? Does it really matter how many or how few people we've bedded? Apparently, to some women, it does.

Number Of Sex Partners: What Guys Really Think Of Your Number
"I think the more partners in bed, the better." - Jamal
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What Guys Really Think ... Of Your 'Number'

Is it really fair to judge someone based on how many people they've slept with? Is it even a fair question to ask someone you're dating? We spoke to the guys to find out how they handle their potential partners' sexual pasts.

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How many sex partners have you had, ma'am? Want three more?

Why Are People Still Lying About Their Number Of Sex Partners?

My favorite gender double standard is probably the one where a guy who's "allergic" to condoms is a liar and a chick with the same terrible latex malady is a keeper. The rest of y'all seem to be hung up on the "number" game. But maybe your "number," ladies, really isn't going to be a big deal much longer.

Why Your "Number" Doesn't Matter [EXPERT]
What's your number?
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Why Your "Number" Doesn't Matter

Recently, I was chatting with my text buddy James, and from what I've gathered, he wants to hook up with me ... and I don't want to. Anyway, one night he came right out asked how many people I've slept with. I told him it was none of his business... the cheeky bastard. Still, I was intrigued.

Love Bytes: What If He Has More Sexual Experience Than You?
Do you care if your man has more sexual experience than you?
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Love Bytes: What If He Has More Sexual Experience Than You?

How do you use Facebook without wrecking your love life? Naked men give great advice. What happens when your sex partner has way more experience than you? What does it mean when your relationship is "on a break"? What body shapes do dudes like best? Confessions from a kinky sex newbie. Would you stick with a good guy who is terrible in bed?

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What's Your "Number?" How Many Is Too Many?

What's your number? Some people like to keep it under wraps at all costs. Some are not afraid to sing it — loud and proud. When you come into a new relationship, should you reveal that magic number of how many sex partners you've had in the past to your significant other or avoid the question like the plague?

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10 Men Not To Date In 2010

Is it just us or was 2009 filled with screwy dates with men you'd never want to, well... Anyway. Right here, right now, it's time to throw down and end this vicious cycle of bad dates. Now that a new decade has dawned, here are 10 fellas I'm going to downgrade from black book to blacklist—and never allow to grace my single life again.

NZ Women Are The World’s Sluttiest
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NZ Women Are The World’s Sluttiest

A study by Durex (the condom manufacturer) last year indicated that women from New Zealand have the highest number of sex partners. Their average number is 20. The global average for a woman is 7. Theories abound why so many. Our guess is alcohol, bad TV, and really cool Kiwi guys.


Poll: NJ Men Claim To Be Very Sexually Active

A study by Monmouth University in New Jersey shows that male residents of that state have more sexual partners than the women. And that they want sex more often. While the numbers probably don't add up, this is an interesting window into the psyche of the Garden State.