Poll: Is Sex Hotter During A Hurricane?


hurricane sex
Urban legend says babies come after a blackout. How about a hurricane? Hurricane Irene, perhaps?

Hurricane Irene is heading for the East Coast, and some say it'll be the worst hurricane we've had in decades. Many of you will be hunkered down at home, just waiting for it to end. And if you have a partner, it just might be a great opportunity to get busy...after all, hurricanes present an element of danger, which is super sexy. The Best Sex Advice On YourTango

Will you be more "busy" during Hurricane Irene? Or will it be business as usual?

Poll: Is Sex Hotter During A Hurricane?:

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I can relate - Posted August 26, 2011

To be exact, sex will be more frequent during hurricane and 9 months later, birth rates will pick up! Track record shows that ! - www.allaboutlovensex.blogspot.com