Poll: Where Should Prince William & Kate Middleton Honeymoon?


Prince William Kate Middleton
According to the latest reports, Prince William and Kate may be heading to the Middle East.

Aside from the designer of Kate Middleton's wedding gown, the second most guessed about aspect of Prince William and Kate's royal wedding may just be the secret location of the couple's honeymoon.

Although Prince William had mentioned during his recent visit to Australia about possibly heading back down under for their honeymoon, People Magazine is reporting that the Middle Eastern country of Jordan, where Kate Middleton lived for three years as a child, might actually be the couple's post-wedding destination. Will Prince William And Kate Middleton Honeymoon In Australia?

Being outdoors-y types, Prince William and Kate would supposedly enjoy swimming in the Dead Sea and checking out the country's historical sites. (And considering that Jordan's king and queen are among the guests at their wedding, we're thinking that they probably won't need any travel recommendations!)

Also invited to the wedding are friends from the Carribean island of Mustique, which is also said to be a honeymoon contender, as it is one of the couple's favorite vacation spots, thanks to the private island's 'no paparazzi' rules. (The country is no stranger to royalty either, since Prince William's late, great-aunt Princess Margaret once had a villa there and hosted many wild parties during the 1970s.)

However, if Prince William chooses to follow in his father's footsteps, then the couple may just be planning a trip to Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where Prince Charles honeymooned with both Princess Diana and Camilla Parker-Boweles after each of his weddings.

CelebLovers, where would you go if you were marrying a prince? Leave a comment with your dream honeymoon destination.

Where Should Prince William & Kate Middleton Honeymoon?:

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