Chemistry And Finding The Right Man


Chemistry And Finding The Right Man
We can’t control who we’re attracted to. Learn how the stars reveal how chemistry & attraction work.

Chemistry And Finding The Right Man

By Carol Allen

Have you ever noticed that you can't control who you're attracted to?

You can meet a guy that seems perfect in every way - he has a solid job, good friends, a great family, and yet he doesn't send your heart aflutter.

You can even go on the perfect date with such a man - to a romantic restaurant in which he orders your favorite foods, makes you laugh, and looks deeply into your eyes while listening to your hopes and dreams.

But then at the end of the night, when the “big moment” arrives, he goes to kiss you and it's about as much fun as making out with a dirty sock.

You feel NOTHING - no spark, no butterflies, no excitement.

The only excitement you feel is at the thought of his face getting away from yours…

Don't you HATE it when that happens?

And you're so disappointed, because you could actually BE HAPPY with this man - FINALLY.

And you think THAT MUST BE IT - you must be SCARED.

It must be YOU. You're BLOCKED or something.

So you go out with him on another fantastic date, but again kissing him is like “snogging” a dirty sock, only now it's also soggy.

Perhaps you've been fortunate and not met Mr. "I should marry this guy as long as he doesn't touch me."

Perhaps you've experienced an equally mystifying problem…

You've met a man who has NOTHING you want.

He has a crappy job, complains endlessly about his mother, and badmouths his friends, but somehow you can't resist…

When he so much as brushes your knees with his it's as if your whole body is hit with an electric current.

And the kissing is heaven - you could kiss him for hours…

Pretty soon you're actually falling for Mr. "I hate everybody and have no life.”

Don't you HATE it when that happens?

Again, you think you must be drawn to such a loser because you have a problem.

Clearly, you don't believe you deserve more. Something inside of you must WANT to be unhappy.

Both situations make you feel betrayed by your own body.

It's like something outside of you is in charge.

How The Stars Determine if You’ll Feel That “Zing”

Here's the phenomenal thing - your sexual chemistry with a man IS determined by something outside of you.

And this something reveals if that "zing" is there with him or not.

And if it's not, you can STOP blaming yourself, thinking it's because you have “issues.”

You can stop going out with a man, thinking if you’d just open up to him you’d be happy together.

And best of all - if a man tells you he's not attracted to YOU, you can stop thinking it’s because something is wrong with you.

Like your love handles that no one seems to love…

He can't help who he’s attracted to, either!

So what’s to blame for all of this?

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