Quiz: What Should You Do This Valentine's Day?

That depends... Are you a romantic? An adventurer? A pajama-loving homebody?


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All right, here’s an easy one. What is your current relationship status?





10 People Definitely Getting Laid More Than You (Says Science)

10 People Definitely Getting Laid More Than You (Says Science)

Sometimes you meet someone who's just SO bright and cherry that you start think, wow, they're definitely having a lot of sex. Or, you meet someone who kind of just sucks and you think, please, can someone take one for the team and sleep with this person so they're in a better mood? Anyone? And then sometimes you meet people and you really have no idea whether they're getting it on 24/7...or pretty much never. But now, science is closer to answering your creepy, nosey question. There's an app for that! Just kidding, not yet. But, in addition to telling us who's cheating on their lovers or who's having about three million orgasms per week, studies are also telling us who's getting laid on the reg.