Quiz: Are You (Really) Ready For Love?

Why you're single when you don't want to be: take this quiz to find out.


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You're with a group of girls, and talk turns to dating. You:

Mentally wander off.

Talk about your ex and bemoan the lack of prospects.

Mention the guy you're chatting with online.

Adriana Lima

10 Super Bowl-Inspired Moves To Try OFF The Field (Wink, Wink)

It may seem nearly impossible to fit some sexy time into game night—Super Bowl Sunday is sort of mainly about the game (or halftime show), we know. But even the most major of football doesn't last all night, and chances are both of you will be in the mood for releasing some of that tension once game time's done. And lets face it, sex and sports aren't all that different—they involve exhilaration, getting sweaty, maybe getting a little rough—and things can get rather dirty in a hurry. Sports is totally like sex. And the big game can lead to seriously big orgasms.