Katy Perry & Russell Brand: Already In Counseling


Russell Brand Katy Perry
Should we start taking bets on how long their relationship will last?

Katy Perry and Russell Brand haven’t officially tied the knot yet (at least as far as we know), but already the couple is in daily relationship counseling. According to the Daily Mirror, the California Gurls singer and her British fiancé set aside an hour out of their day to participate in a three-way...conference call. 

"Relationship counseling was Katy’s idea because she was adamant they should make their relationship rock solid," said a source to the Daily Mirror. "As a result, they both clear an hour in their schedules every day to have a conference call with a therapist, talking things over and making their bond as watertight as possible." Russell Brand And Katy Perry Fight All The Time


Evidently, Katy is worried that the long distance between them -  Russell is currently working a movie in New York while she is promoting her new album overseas - might make their relationship crumble and falter before it even has the chance to really begin! There’s also Russell’s infamous philandering to consider as well. Despite his public proclamations of love for Katy, we’re sure there are quite a few women in New York who are eager (or at least willing to try) to steal the Get Him to the Greek star from her.

Still, we have to wonder if this is a smart move on Katy’s part. As the Mirror points out, shouldn’t they be engaging in some sexy, late night phone chat at this stage in their relationship rather than spending their talk time recounting their problems to a third party? Something tells us that things between Katy and Russell aren’t as glittery unicorns and rainbow-level happy as they led us to think. Russell Brand And Katy Perry Are Sickeningly Happy

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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