10 Awesome Valentines Day Gifts For Him

valentines day gifts for him
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Stumped? YourTango's resident dude shares his picks for what guys really want for Valentines Day.

Guys don't want Valentine's Day gifts, right? Wrong. Everyone likes presents. For budgets big, small and in-between we've got tons of fun stuff your dude could want this Valentine's Day. Or, you could just give him a "classy" gold chain with that chili pepper pendant...

Yup, year after year, it's the same thing. Your guy's birthday, the holidays, or Valentine's Day rolls around, and you're stuck brainstorming for the perfect gift.

So put down the necktie and M.A.S.H. box set. From a TiVo Roamio Pro to the ultimate (affordable) gril, this year, get him something he'll actually use AND love

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