Kiss Me! 10 Best Celebrity PDA Moments Of 2011


These couples couldn't keep their hands off of each other in 2011!

There doesn't need to be a mistletoe or a New Year's Eve countdown for some couples to passionately go at it in public. Some like it for the exciting thrill, others get caught up in the moment, and some simply can't help themselves! The iPhone Taught Me How To Kiss

Whatever the reason, there were plenty of adorable and shocking Public Displays of Affection this year, especially in CelebLand. Find out which couples' liplocks (caught on camera!) were the all-time best of 2011 in our gallery below. We have a feeling these duos will be happy to reenact them on December 31st!

PHOTOS: Kiss Me! 10 Best Celebrity PDA Moments Of 2011

Tell us: what was your favorite celeb PDA moment?

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