8 Couples Halloween Costumes That Don't Make Us Hurl [GALLERY]

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Classy, not trashy. Sweet, not tacky. Romantic, not... with your boobs out.

If you're like a lot of couples, you're thinking about a matching Halloween costume this year. And judging from some of the couples' costumes out there, you may need some hand-holding in this department. Trust us, "hot dog and bun" is not cute. Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny? Pretty played out. If you're looking to find a Halloween costume that says "playful" not "Playboy Bunny," check out the first of our fabulous YourTango Halloween Guides for some classy costume inspirations: 

PHOTO GALLERY: 8 Couples Halloween Costumes That Don't Make Us Want To Hurl

Sound off in the comments: Do you like any of these costume ideas? What are you going as for Halloween?

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