6 Ways To Have A Sexy New Year's Eve
It's almost 2012!
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6 Ways To Have A Sexy New Year's Eve

It's a holiday associated with champagne and kisses, so New Year's Eve is bound to bring a bit of festive flirtation to the end of your month. If you are hoping to celebrate with a racy date that steps outside your regular routine — then look no further.

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After less than a year as a new mother, I'm tired of feeling like I could be doing more.
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My New Year's Resolution: Don't Change A Thing

For most of us, a new year is synonymous with a brand new you. But what happens if we resolve to simply quash the self-improvement urge? This new year, I resolve not to resolve. Don't confuse my promise not to improve as a refusal to grow or change. It's just that after seven-and-a-half months as a first time mother, I'm tired of feeling like I could be doing more. Doing better. Slowing down. Enjoying the moment. All while anticipating the next milestone and celebrating accomplishments. And then, wishing time would slow down; because after all, they're growing up too fast.

New Year Plans For Kim Kardashian

New Year Plans For Kim Kardashian

Do you already have your plans ready to spend the New Year? Do you meet with your family, friends, neighbors? Of course, the Kardashian family's world everything is different, and could not in any way let pass the opportunity to cash a check ... And go check! Kim Kardashian will on 31 December at the TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas, but not for pleasure ... but by a "modest" amount you have paid to be there together with selected guests. Want to know how much you're pocketing Kim? Neither more nor less than ... $ 600 000!

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Will a week-long road trip with a stranger end in romance or disaster?

We Met On Twitter; Our First Date Was A Week-Long Road Trip

"I am not going on this trip as some sort of half-baked internet blind date and I know you're not going on it to get into my pants." Thus spoke my road trip companion in a last-minute attempt to calm my nerves over what I was increasingly realizing sounded like a hare-brained plan—spend a week driving across the country with a man I knew only through social media.

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'Tis the season to be jolly — unless you're in a relationship!
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How My Fiance & I Survived The Holiday 'Couples Fighting Season'

December is the most stressful month for couples, according to a study of 2,000 people by Seddons. The study found that a whopping one in five couples consider breaking up because of holiday woes, including bad tidings from financial worries, entertaining extended family members and sharing the workload around Christmas.

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Why do we kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve?

Why We Kiss At Midnight On New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is the last hurrah of the year, the culminating event in a holiday binge of eating, drinking, and celebrating. It’s a time to don glitzy outfits, reflect on the past, and ponder future resolutions. And then there’s the kiss at the stroke of midnight. Whether you ring in the new year by watching the Times Square ball drop on TV or toasting champagne at an upscale nightclub, tradition makes a case for celebrating the new year with people you enjoy. According to English and German folklore, the first person you encounter in a new year — and the nature of your encounter — sets the tone for the rest of the year. A kiss is about strengthening ties you wish to maintain in the future. If a couple celebrating together doesn’t take the time to lock lips, it doesn’t bode well for the relationship.

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Who are you kissing on New Year's Eve?
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The Perfect New Year's Eve Kiss Lasts For...

A recent star-packed movie (you know, the one with more celebrities than rehab) tell us that anything can happen on New Year's Eve. For most, however, the endless possibilities for the last night of the year aren't a top priority. Rather, the perfect kiss is.

New Year's Resolution
The best way to reach your New Year's day goals starts with being truthful and realistic.
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10 Daily Living Resolutions For The New Year!

Great dress? Check. Wonderful New Year's Eve gathering to attend? Check. Hot guy on your arm? Check. Champagne for the toast? Check. New Year's resolutions created and posted on the fridge, laying on your nightstand or inside of your iPhone? Check. Then you are all set to ring in 2012, right? Hmm...not so much.

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A survey of singles' holiday habits, just in time for Thanksgiving.
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Are You Bringing A Date To Your Thanksgiving Dinner?

Pretty soon, we'll all sit around a table with loved ones, break bread and share what we are most thankful for this year. But as the season kicks off, there are some stresses that we don't feel grateful for -- like the challenge of dating during the holidays.

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Here's How To Get A New Year's Eve Date On Short Notice

When I walked into my local Brooklyn Starbucks one mid-December morning, I wasn't expecting to get a New Year's Eve date. But as a recently minted 33-year-old with chronic No Boyfriend Disease, I did have a goal. Not only to get caffeinated, but also to test out a few pick-up tricks from the dating how-to guide I was reading.


Best Of The Web: New Year's Eve!

Don't get too desperate this New Year's Eve. A perspective on one-night stands. New Year's resolution: better sex. Why you wouldn't want to date a porn star. How to tell when your spouse has more or less become a stranger. A woman sues over a broken engagement. Five mistakes that guys make dating, it's up to you to fix 'em. Advice for a woman who fell for her friend's step dad. What is the perfect New Year's Eve for dudes? How to make a New Year's Eve one-night stand happen. How do you know if you're wife material? How to become girlfriend material. Best breakup songs for the lonely-hearted.

Making a Move at Midnight

Making a Move at Midnight

By Lori Bizocco for SingleEdition.com For those of Christian faith, the thought of meeting someone new or going on a date at midnight while the majority of people are sleeping can tempt our moral values by inviting sexual immorality, drinking and corruption of judgment.  You’ve heard the saying, “Nothing good happens after midnight.”  That statement resonates even stronger for those who are religious.  Bars and nightclubs seem to be the main attraction during this “witching hour,” but these venues are not appropriate for those of faith.So, why even consider going out on a date or trying to find someone special after midnight?  For many people, there isn’t much of a choice.  With the downturn of the economy, more people are taking odd jobs, working longer hours and doing what they can to survive.  Others are working overnight shifts and finding it hard to meet someone at hours when society, peers and the church wou

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How To Finagle A New Year's Eve Kiss

Two-thirds of Americans think they'll be getting a New Year's smooch. But when you're essentially kiss-free all year, it may seem like a tall order to cascade into a party on New Year's Eve and exit with smeared lipstick. We, on the other hand, think a midnight lip lock is as doable as that requisite glass of champagne. Here's how.

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Why It's Better To Be Single During The Holidays

Another year. Another holiday season single. While it may be tempting to refill your eggnog, bake an extra batch of fudge and stock up on elastic pants, being alone need not be that dour. Flying solo when the calendar reaches November and letting that single status bleed into the New Year is truly, and honestly, a blessing.