It Takes a Penis to Fix a Computer
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It Takes a Penis to Fix a Computer

She tried to fix it herself.  Honest. This is another “without fail” story. And if you’re a woman who speaks that binary computer mumbo dot jumbo, spare me. Go fix a good pot roast or something; then we’ll talk. I am not a stupid woman. Even though I have trouble with the times table for seven, I am not diminished; I’ve never had to use 7 x 8 in real life, anyway. Hear me roar.

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What Server Errors Can Teach You About Breakups

How often do you think, "Wow, this is exactly like my relationship" after receiving a 503 server error? Yeah, we never do either, but a comical new blog entry from writer Maile Ohye has shown us the light. In her piece titled "Recovering from a broken heart in HTTP status code," Ohye compares our loves lives to a website directory. Think of yourself as After a breakup, any attempts to land on would only elicit a 404: requested page not found.