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Love your kids? Love your body.
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Your Bad Body Image & Your Kids: A Dangerous Combination

In all my years as a parent educator, I have never met parents who earnestly wanted to hurt their children. Most parents sincerely want to encourage and empower their children to lead strong, successful lives. However, it is their lack of mindfulness that defaults into old patterns and belief systems that teach their children harmful messages rather accidently.

6 Tips To Improve Your Body Image & Your Sex Life [EXPERT]
How do you feel about your body?
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6 Tips To Improve Your Body Image & Your Sex Life

If you do not feel good about your body, you probably are not going to want to be seen naked or even partially undressed in front of a partner. How can you improve your body image so that you can have more sexual enjoyment? Here are six suggestions to help improve your self-esteem and love the skin you are in.

Get Over Insecurities & Watch Your Relationship Sizzle [EXPERT]
Your body is nothing to be ashamed about!
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4 Ways You Can Learn To Love Your Body

"OMG. OMG. Please don't let him see my kangaroo pouch. The lights. The lights. We need to dim the lights. He can't see my flabby thighs or the cellulite on the back of my ass." You retreat. The fire inside you dims. The pleasurable sensations dull all because you can't let go of those damn body hang-ups.

Do All Women Have Body Image Issues?
Do All Women Have Body Image Issues?

Do All Women Have Body Image Issues?

Celebrities and the average woman alike tend to obsess about what they look like and how others view them. Sometimes, this is fun—like shopping for new clothes or trying different makeup. But other times, it leads to negative feelings like, "I'm not pretty, skinny or tall enough." Does every woman battle with these image issues? 

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20 Reasons To Love And Appreciate Your Body

Think back on your inner dialogue today. If you’ve like the average American woman, you have 13 negative thoughts about your body each day. Well, guess what? Your self-esteem has been listening, internalizing every perceived inadequacy. Here’s a question: do your thighs really make you unsexy? or does your negative perception of your thighs make you feel unsexy? It’s time to start treating our bodies with the same kid gloves we use on the ones we love—if not, it’s not just our self-esteem that suffers, it’s our whole sense of well-being, relationship satisfaction included.

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Introducing YourTango Experts Spotlight: Body Image And Love 2011

Our relationships with our bodies is one of the most sensitive and critical relationships of our lives. The messages of abuse, tenderness, love, hate and everything in between that we send our bodies have a major impact on both body image and functionality. A study published on found that the average woman has 13 negative thoughts about her body each day with several women reporting 35, 50 and even 100 negative thoughts a day.