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Getting Married? Are You Sure You Want Your Husband's Name?
Getting married doesn't mean you should take his last name.
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Ms. Independent: Why I Hated Taking My Husband's Name

He wants you to be his "Mrs." ... but you're not so convinced. And it turns out, you aren't alone: A third of married women dislike their new surname and would have preferred to keep their maiden name. So what do you if you can't come to terms with your last name? Our expert shares her personal story.

What's In A Name? Hint: It's More Than You Think! [EXPERT]
What does your name mean?
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What's In A Name? Hint: It's More Than You Think!

How would you like to connect with people more quickly? ... to understand another person's perspective and motivations? How would you like to be able to have more compassion? All of these things are possible when you know Neimology® Science, which is the study of the placement of the letters in a name.

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What We Can Learn From The Name Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was idealized by so many for her incredible talent. Then she became a drug addict and we still loved her. Why? What is it about Whitney that drew us to her and mesmerized us? Family was the most important thing in Whitney's life per her first vowel in her first name. She blamed all of her mishaps on family and simultaneously gave kudos to her family for the good that happened. Family consumed her time and attention. Then the letter next to her family letter states that she took this to the extreme.

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We Can't Agree on a Baby Name

My husband and I generally agree on things. Whether this is due to similar outlooks or the fact that he does his best not to butt heads with me I’m not sure, but whatever the reason, the result is a home and family that’s overall pretty harmonious. In fact, until recently, pretty much the only thing we regularly disagreed about was whether pizza should actually qualify as a food group. (It shouldn’t.) I was surprised to find out this past June that I was pregnant a third time and our headcount would be increasing again. I was even more surprised to learn a couple of months later that we were having a girl. I had the perfect name. So did my husband. They were not the same name. And neither of us is budging.

Will The Government Make You Take His Last Name?

Will The Government Make You Take His Last Name?

Seventy percent of Americans think it's beneficial for women to take her husband's last name when they marry, while half say the government should require women to change their names when they marry, according to a new study by researchers from Indiana University and the University of Utah. But it's dangerous to buy these headlines hook, line, and sinker. Before you schedule your move to Canada, let's get one thing straight: Academic research on the topic of married names is limited, but it points to increasing use of and positive perceptions of nontraditional last names, NOT to scary scenarios like government mandated married names.


Poll: What Do You Call Your Boyfriend?

Poll: What Do You Call Your Boyfriend? : Boyfriend. Classic, easy. Why not? Friend. Sure, it's a little evasive, but it's true, he's my friend! Lover. Racy, but sexy. Partner. We are all equal here. Beau. I'm an old fashioned kind of girl.

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Top 10 Alternatives To The Word "Boyfriend"

What do you call the guy you've been seeing for the past few weeks? Because, as Big asked Carrie in the Sex and the City movie, when you're both adults, isn't he a little old to be your boyfriend? It sounds so, well, high school. In the spirity of maturation, YourTango has come up with ten alternate names to call your man.

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Is It OK To Be Called "Mrs. (Husband's Name)?"

A couple weeks ago I addressed the issue of a woman changing her name when she marries. I expressed that although I don't plan to change my name when I get hitched this summer, I respect and appreciate every woman's right to choose what's best for her. I reject the notion some have expressed that when a woman takes her husband's last name she's giving up her identity.

Create A Post-Divorce Identity
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Create A Post-Divorce Identity

Changing your name is something we associate with getting married—should you keep your maiden name or take his name? But there’s another LoveStage that deals with shifting monikers as well—getting divorced. If you took your husband’s name when you married, you may want to slough off his name after the breakup. But what do you change it to?