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couple skinny dipping
Break out that birthday suit.
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Sexy Tan, No Tanlines: Here Are America's Top 10 Nude Beaches

Do you have skinny dipping on your bucket list this summer, but are too afraid to sneak away and do the deed? Well, perhaps it's time to find a clothing optional beach. Many think that nude beaches can only be found overseas, but America actually has a good handful of nudist-approved beaches with clothing optional areas all over the country.

Iggy Azalea in her 'Clueless'-themed video for "Fancy"
Iggy Azalea may love 'Clueless,' but she's not clueless when it comes to sex appeal!
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She's So Fancy! See Iggy Azalea's 10 Most Stunning Instagram Pics

Iggy Azalea is as fancy as they come. The rapper is making her way up the charts thanks to her breakthrough single, "Fancy," blowing up radio. The Australian rapper moved to the states as a teen without her family and truly started from the bottom (unlike Drake, who started on Degrassi). She adopted a Southern drawl, showed off her flow and her curves, worked on her sh-t (her words!) and made it big.

Celebrity Sex: Whose Nude Pics Just Leaked?
We wonder how the singer's on-again, off-again girlfriend feels about his naked photo!
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Celebrity Sex: Whose Nude Pics Just Leaked?

There are many amazing grandma-appropriate gifts in the world—it's pretty much why the gift basket and quilt industries exist. But if you're this pop star's grandma, you're not going to receive any old present from your pride and joy. Nope. This ever-thoughtful celeb decided that his grandma deserved an extra-special present, so he chose to serenade her … while completely nude.