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Are you nagging your man to death?
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No More Nagging! 5 Surprising Ways You're Killing Your Man

How often has your husband or boyfriend joked that you're just killing him with the incessant nagging, the over-the-top demands, and the innumerable requests? Sorry to break it to you, but he might be on to something. New research suggests that being nagged can lead to a speedier death - especially among men. Unfortunately, that's not the only way you could be (secretly) killing your man:

Reddit Advice To Keep You Nag-Free!
No one wants to be that girl.
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Reddit Advice To Keep You Nag-Free!

No one likes to nag or be nagged. This is a universal truth. It's not fun for anyone. In our quest to help you stay nag-free this week, we turned to reddit to see what real people had to say about nagging and how best to avoid it.

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The opposite of effective communication.

Nagging Can Ruin Your Kid's Future Relationship: I'm Living Proof

If the Olympic games offered nagging as a competitive sport, my mother would take the gold, silver and bronze. I never wanted to be like my mother, and I consciously chose to be as un-nag-like as possible in all my relationships. And when I got married, I let a lot of things happen that I didn't necessarily want to happen, simply because I was too afraid to speak up. I have learned the hard way that marriage is all about communication and without it, well, it's just a matter of time before someone asks for a divorce...if they can get up the nerve to actually ask for one.

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Yep, we can do this.
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It's Nag-Free Week! Get Ready To Quit Nagging For 7 Whole Days

Take out the garbage—it stinks! How many times do I have to ask you to put the toilet seat down? Please clean the glasses in the sink before you use a new one. Yes, even if you're polite about it, the fact remains: You're nagging. Again. And trust us, it's taking a toll on your relationship. That's why we're devoting the next seven to nag-free communication. That's right, it's Nag-Free Week, and we invite all of our attached readers to improve their relationships by nixing the nagging completely and communicating in a healthy way for an entire week (and hopefully beyond).

Nagging Will Not Get You Anywhere!
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Nagging Will Not Get You Anywhere!

We're all guilty of nagging someone at some point or another, but how do you feel when the tables are turned? No one likes to be nagged constantly, and if nagging is a consistent part of your relationship, it could kill the intimacy.

The biggest – and most preventable – mistake women make in dating
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The biggest – and most preventable – mistake women make in dating

As a relationship coach who works primarily with some very successful women, there’s one big mistake I see women make over and over again in their relationships with men. I know for a fact that this problem sabotages – and kills – millions of potential relationships before they ever get off the ground – and I also know it’s 100% preventable. Here’s the problem:

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My 2012 New Year's resolution worked so well, I'm repeating it in 2013.
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The New Year's Resolution That's So Good, It's Worth Repeating

At this time last year, I made a very ambitious decision for 2012: I vowed not to change a thing. Seven months into motherhood, and inspired by an article that suggested readers resist the mad dash to "New Year, New You" themselves, I decided to be content with who I was. How did it work out? Keep reading.

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Are you starting to feel like a pest?

Effective Alternatives To Nagging Your Husband

Do you feel like you're always asking your husband to do the same things over and over again? Honey, did you remember to pick up the dry cleaning? Honey, don't forget to put down the toilet seat! If this sounds familiar, you might want to consider a more effective — and less annoying — way to get what you want.