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3 Reasons Why You Should Marry FIRST And Fall In Love Later

Successful marriage don't start with love ... they END with it.
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Why Casual Hookups Are Leaving You Completely Malnourished

Hookup relationships are like trying to sustain yourself on empty calories.
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Feminist Or Not, Why Every Woman Wants To Sleep With A Superhero

It takes a strong man to want to be a hero to someone. And it takes a strong woman to let him.

A Married Man Helped Me Get My Ex Back Using 6 Surprising Steps

By the time you're done with him, he'll be BEGGING to have you back.
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We're All Con Artists: 5 Love Lessons From 'American Hustle'

"You're nothing to me until you're everything." This Oscar nominee is a gold mine of love lessons.
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Why You Should Thank TIME's New Marriage App For Trolling You

A new app that tells single women when they should get married is unintentionally empowering.

Sensual Healing: Head-To-Toe Massage Techniques For Couples

Expert-approved mutual massage techniques for the head, hands, feet and more.
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'The Secret' To The Law Of Attraction? It's A Bunch Of B.S.

Blaming yourself for not thinking the right thoughts invites stress and self-doubt—<i>not</i> love.
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'Marriage Isn't For You' Guy Earns Praise For Not Being A Jerk

Basically, a dude says, "I realized I'm not the center of the world!" and we catapult him to fame.
300 Sandwiches To Get Married: We're Missing The Point

300 Sandwiches To Get Engaged: Why We're All Missing The Point

Stephanie Smith courted controversy with her gimmicky stunt. But it was never about the sandwiches.
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Broken? Not Quite. What It Really Means If You're Not Married

"But you're such a sweet girl. Why aren't you married yet?" Ugh.