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Does your marriage have a strong foundation?
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10 Reasons I'm Sure My Marriage Is Divorce-Proof

By now, you've probably heard the widely touted statistic that the divorce rate in the U.S. is 50%. According to the Pew Research Center, though, the rate of divorce is on the decline (along with the rate of marriage). This success is likely due, in large part, to the fact that people are waiting longer than ever to walk down the aisle. But I don't buy into the idea that age is a deciding factor in whether or not a marriage ends in divorce. In fact, I would go so far to say my own marriage is divorce-proof — and I can tell you why.

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Should your husband come before your baby?
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My Husband Comes Before Our Kids: Why I Baby-Proof My Marriage

The first year of our son's life was the most difficult of our marriage to date and it is also the year I learned a very important lesson: My husband must always come before our children and, according to a survey of counseling professionals from Your Tango, the lesson is a good one. Half of the experts polled believe that wives should prioritize their husband over their kids.

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To snip or not to snip? That is the question.
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Why We Chose Not To Circumcise Our Son

Before I gave birth to our first child six years ago, my husband and I discussed our son and the manner in which he would be raised at length. One question we did not answer until a nurse posed it in the hours after delivery, my newborn baby boy nestled snugly in the bend of my arm, was whether or not our son would be circumcised.