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'He's Still Here': A 9/11 Wife On Love's Endless Bond

Bonnie McEneaney, an author, former business executive and mother of four, lost her husband on Sept. 11, 2001 after he experienced premonitions that his life would end in a terrorist attack on New York City. Ten years later, Bonnie opens up on how the tragedy strengthened her spiritual bond with her deceased husband and what all women can learn about love based on the signs she's received from beyond.

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Don't Hate The Game: A Guy's Guy Schools Us On Men & Football

Football season: five months out of every year during which most heterosexual males would rather look at men in tight pants than at women in tight pants. The women at YourTango knew we weren't the only ones whose relationships are affected by our significant others' relationships with football, and so we took our questions and frustrations about football to our resident male mastermind, Tom Miller.

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Vote For YourTango's SXSW Panel By Friday!

YourTango is the digital leader in love & relationship news and insights, and we have an exciting opportunity to appear on two panels at SXSW (March 9 - 18, 2012). YOUR votes, comments and sharing can help take us to some SXSW love to YourTango! The last day to vote is this Friday, Sept. 2.

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YT Quickies: Would You Wear A Divorce Ring?

As students kick off the fall semester, we're reminded that there's always more to learn...especially when it comes to everybody's favorite subject: love. If you're looking to start a relationship, we've rounded up 10 colleges to find a great husband; and if you've been in love for years, we have new insight about how to cope as a couple after your kids have flown the coop. Also for class discussion: did Lady Gaga go overboard with the VMAs kiss? And seriously: would you wear the new divorce ring?

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YourTango Quickies: Do Sex Toys Make You Wilder In Bed?

Do people who use sex toys really have wilder sex than couples who keep it simple? They may, but contrary to most everything you've ever read about sex, men need more than lots of skin-on-skin to stay in a relationship. Turns out guys are falling in love quicker than girls are these days, and they're looking for wives and girlfriends who support their softer side. Well maybe unless you live in one of America's 10 most promiscuous cities, where they undoubtedly like it rough.

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5 Reasons To Love American Men (Cowboys, Capitalism And All)

There's no holiday more American than the Fourth of July, a day that casts men in their most traditional role: the take-charge, fire-mastering, crowd-pleasing leader. Is there anything more American than a man with a mission? Indeed the dynamics of Independence Day can shed a lot of light on your relationship and explain just what it is that makes your American man so... American.

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Is The Cost Of Living Higher For Single Women?

The cost of living for married couples vs single women: whose life is most expensive? Our writer wonders: Why had I given the marrieds a financial break when it was clearly the single person who needed my kindness most? And was my financial foul indicative of a culture that penalizes single people for their relationship circumstances? I set out to investigate.