"I heard the warning voice in my head reminding me it was dangerous territory."

How An Affair Saved My Marriage

It started with a flirty dance while out with friends. It turned into a torrid year-long affair that her husband never knew about. One writer shares her tale of infidelity and how, against all odds, adultery put her on the path back to her husband. "I heard the warning voice in my head reminding me that this was dangerous territory: however alone I might feel, I was, in fact, married. And then, for the first time in 10 years, I silenced it. As Alex placed his hands on my hips, I knew with absolute clarity that I was about to have an affair. I knew it was a decision that could unravel even the strongest of unions. I never could have guessed that it would save mine."

Five Things Barack And Michelle Will Say Tonight
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Five Things Barack And Michelle Will Say Tonight

Before they make love tonight (and we're assuming they will), Barack Obama will have some choice words for his wife, and we can only imagine what they are. Actually, we have imagined them. Here are the five things Barack might say to Michelle as they get ready to do the nasty.

joy of group sex

The Joy Of (Group) Sex

"Two years ago while recovering from the demise of a fifteen-year marriage, I responded to an invitation to join a sex party. Knowing I was newly single and in no rush to get involved in another romantic relationship a woman I worked with unexpectedly told me about her unusual hobby," —sex with multiple partners—"and urged me to attend a group sex event." Having kids and getting divorced left this woman with no sexual self-esteem. "After weaning my daughter so that I could go back to work, my breasts lost tone and sagged and my abdomen muscles were loose and flabby. At a time when I was most psychologically vulnerable, the changes in my body became a source of teasing and hilarity to my husband." Read on to find out how orgies helped her recover her sexual self.

open long distance relationship

I Was In An Open, Long-Distance Relationship

Several years ago, I was in a relationship that helped me grow and change so much as a person. Until then, I didn't realize the possibilities that the world held. My mate's name was Alfred and he was a beautiful and incredible man. Things were almost perfect between us and for a long time I was happy. He lived in Hawaii and I in Tennessee but we stayed close by discussing details about outside partners and sexual situations. I had never felt so desirable and accepted in my whole life. Keywords: Open LDRs, LDRs, long-distance relationships, open long-distance relationships, sex vs love, it's just sex, pregnancy, communication

Open Up

Open Marriage: One Man's Surprising Take

One of YourTango's most popular articles is on Open Marriages. Jenny Block wrote a frank and 'open' essay about her experience. Reader comments have been all over the spectrum. We recently got an eloquent comment in favor of open relationships. Enjoy.