How To Be Alone (Without Being Lonely)

There is an art to being alone, yet most people fear it.

Youth Choir Sets the Tone - literally!!!

The Spreading the Love Youth Choir from St. Louis makes radical changes in Washington DC.

Spread the Love Youth Choir changes Washington!!

The Spreading the Love Youth Choir brings radical change to Washington DC.

Stay Calm, No Matter What

Your mind is often ruled by habits & past training. BUT, you can stay calm, no matter what!

What to do when you are Squeezed by life!

When facing conflict, this is what you need to do!

Empowerment Rule - Believe in Yourself

The world does not get a vote on who you are. You are the decider.

What went wrong in our relationships?

The common misunderstanding that sabotages relationships and how to heal the wound and have peace.

The Power of Love

This is what is really like. I wish for you the same type of devotion.

Creating Miracles or Thinking Outside the Box

There are always visionaries among us - are you one?