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Are you watching the State Of The Union address tonight?
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5 Sexy State Of The Union Drinking Games

Gird your loins, the State Of The Union address is tonight. That means lots of pomp and circumstance, little in the way of new substance, and chatter galore from pundits on both sides of the aisle. However much or little you care about this event, sometimes the best way to get through long affairs is with a cocktail in hand, or rather, "wasteypants."

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You'll never guess where all the compassionate guys are hiding out.
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Where Are All The Sensitive Men Hiding? These 10 Cities!

Do you keep meeting disappointing men? The ones who seem so promising at first, but then end up never calling you, or worse — promising you the world and then breaking your heart? A recent poll says it may be because you're living in the wrong city.

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Gifts are not the only ways to show generosity in your relationship.
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'Tis The Season! 4 Signs You Have A Giving Relationship

Studies show that being a generous partner not only makes for a happier relationship, but actually provides health benefits for both partners. But how can you tell whether you're truly generous? Many people have trouble assessing this personality trait, and tend to overestimate their own generosity. Others are chronic "givers," letting their significant other walk all over them and often not even knowing it.